Dynamic Ads

Connect customers with the right message when it matters most

Drive better results with more relevant ads. Supercharge performance with tools that take advantage of the dynamic ad formats available in Google and Facebook. With Marin Dynamic Ads, you deliver ads to customers based on their behavior and context. Machine learning and artificial intelligence transform search and social advertising by letting you tailor ads to individuals.

Take control of Dynamic Ads with cross-channel
power and automation

  • Maximize performance faster with cross-channel feed management

    See higher returns from dynamic ads when you power them with enhanced feed management. Marin’s Smart Feed tools help you automatically clean and organize your feed across search and social. Conduct A/B testing on any element of your feed to continually improve conversions.

  • Save time with automated coordination of search and social campaigns

    The Marin Smart Sync tool lets you automatically align your product groups on Google with product sets on Facebook, keeping your efforts coordinated. You gain insights you can use to improve and optimize campaign structures across channels.

  • Increase engagement with ads that stand out

    The Smart Images tool automates the creative process by pulling details from your product feed with up-to-date information at the SKU level. As product feed information changes, creative updates in real time. Easily add a logo, price, or call to action to images that drive higher engagement and more conversions.

  • Increase the lifetime value of customers

    Marin delivers social media marketing tools that let you target and reach customers using data from other channels and third-party sources. Increase top-of-the-funnel volume and quality with broad audience targeting that takes advantage of Google search intent. Personalized ads help you upsell and cross-sell to existing customers.

  • See better results from spend by optimizing budgets automatically

    Boost the spend efficiency of your Facebook campaigns. A proprietary algorithm in Marin Social lets you automatically adjust ad set budgets based on top-performing audiences. When applied with CPA bid rules, the Budget Optimizer maximizes the scale of ad spend while keeping costs at or below targets across ads sets.

” Prior to Marin Social, we were spending countless hours in managing Facebook ads with manual means of optimization using the Power Editor tool. I highly recommend Marin for not only their expertise in Facebook advertising but also their innovative optimization algorithms that set them apart from the competition.”

— Gidon Jacobs, Digital Marketing Manager, Spacebar Media

Automatically wow and woo customers

Let our platform do the heavy lifting. As your ally in digital, we make sure your product catalog delivers. Schedule a demo today and see how Marin puts your ad campaigns into overdrive.