Why Travel Customers choose Marin

Marin understands travel marketing. Many of the world’s most sophisticated travel companies rely on Marin to drive revenue online across Search, Display, Social and Mobile. Our platform offers you the expertise to manage large volumes of keywords and ads. With Marin you can easily build and manage dynamic campaigns for multiple destinations and offers. Marin’s predictive bidding combines the power of algorithmic automation with flexible user controls required to adapt bids to ever-changing market conditions.

Marin’s reporting suite is incredibly flexible, executive dashboards can be set up in minutes, and performance based alerts can be automatically sent to you based on metrics defined by you. But don’t take our word for it, read a client case study.

Travel Customers who chose Marin Software

“Marin Software hasn’t just saved us time, it’s delivered outstanding financial results covering its cost many times over. This makes the decision of whether to use it or not a no-brainer. It’s also enabled us to expand onto more online advertising channels outside search, including retargeting and social advertising on Facebook and Twitter. The Customer Success team has also been brilliant, delivering a smooth onboarding, excellent training and useful strategic insight.”

-Nikki Emmans / Head of Online Marketing / Lonely Planet