Marin’s bid and campaign optimization tools combine powerful automation with an easy-to-use interface that puts the marketer in control.

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Large-scale online marketing programs with thousands or even millions of ad units are particularly challenging to optimize. Marin’s bid and campaign optimization tools combine powerful automation with an easy-to-use interface that puts the marketer in control. Through intelligent bidding and recommendations, Marin clients typically realize large financial gains.

Predictive bidding

Powerful automation, complete user control

Manual bid calculations are time consuming and error-prone, while “black box” algorithms lack visibility and flexibility. Marin’s predictive bidding combines the power of algorithmic automation with flexible user controls required to adapt bids to ever-changing market conditions. As a result, marketers can maximize financial performance based on business objectives as they vary by product line or business unit, and adapt quickly to seasonality, competitive pressure, or shifting business goals.

Predictive Bidding Screen

Multi-event conversion

Maximize engagement, offline conversions, lifetime value & more

With any business, the value of a user can vary significantly depending on how a conversion is measured. Multi-event conversions enable marketers to accurately value every consumer interaction and optimize spend accordingly. Marin can account for any number of events to inform smarter bidding decisions, including form fills, video views, Facebook “likes”, application downloads, phone calls, or even expected lifetime value of visitors.

Multi-Event Conversion Screen

Revenue attribution

Optimize spend across multiple channels

The “last click” may not be the only click that deserves credit for a sale. Marin enables marketers to attribute conversion credit across every click in the user journey and tailor how that credit is allocated. The result is not only the proper application of credit across publishers but budget and bid optimization based on a more complete understanding of consumer behavior.

Multi-Event Conversion Screen


Build “what-if” scenarios to maximize profit

Marketing effectiveness is hampered without the ability to evaluate the impact of changes before pushing them live. Marin forecasting allows marketers to model how changes to bidding targets will affect volume, cost, return on investment, and profit. With accurate forecasting, marketers can focus on evaluating budget allocations across publishers and business lines to maximize profit and revenue goals.

Multi-Event Conversion Screen

Multi-Event Conversion Screen

Actionable recommendations

Discover new revenue opportunities with Marin Next

Marketers often struggle to identify the most impactful activities that will provide incremental performance improvements for their online marketing programs. Marin Next is an intelligent recommendation engine that leverages Marin’s proprietary optimization methodology—based on experience with hundreds of leading brands—to uncover new revenue opportunities and help marketers address them with best practice workflows.