Why agencies choose Marin

Many of the world’s renowned ad agencies have chosen to partner with Marin. Why? We understand your business and your client’s business. Our platform allows you to manage online advertising across Search, Display, Social and Mobile, in one place. Marin helps you understand how various channels combine to drive conversion and evaluate click paths across marketing touch points, providing a more complete view of the online funnel.

When it comes to reporting, Marin provides automated reports and dashboards based on individual client KPIs as well as agency metrics. All this rich data can be easily packaged for clients in executive dashboards. But don’t take our word for it, read a client case study.

Agencies who chose Marin Software

"Rosetta accounts have experienced a significant increase in strategic productivity based on the efficiencies gained from implementing automatic ad copy scheduling. Being able to remove what historically has been numerous hours of manual management and QA has allowed my team to use that time to work through more data and identify areas of opportunity" "

-Tim Trus / Director, Paid Media