Stop managing your marketing budgets in spreadsheets.

Maximize your return on your investment with AI that dynamically allocates spend and manages budgets across channels.

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Improve results and save time with a better approach to marketing budget allocation.

Without Ascend...

  • Infrequent manual adjustments
  • Inefficient allocation, not based on performance
  • Budgeting process siloed by channel
  • Conflicts between budget goals and bidding targets

Is your marketing investment allocated across platforms optimally?

Dynamic spend allocation is the answer. Map any number of campaigns from various publisher accounts to a Strategy with a shared spend goal. Then let Marin activate that across channels and manage toward your spend targets throughout the month or quarter.

"Marin's targeted approach increased conversion rates and lowered overall costs."

Head of Digital Acquisition at WorldFirst

Are you on pace to hit your budget?

Marin monitors spend and automatically adjusts budget allocation across campaigns to keep you on target. Never worry about over or under-spending again.

"We’re now able to spot campaigns that are over or under pacing quickly and  adjust budgets more efficiently than ever."

Matt Basham
Head of Digital Marketing Services at Reach PLC

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Do you need to understand the impact of changes in spend?

AI-powered forecasting understands the marginal return of each marketing dollar. Predict the impact of spend changes on conversions, revenue, and profit. As you increase or decrease your overall budget, we'll show you the impact on efficiency and volume.

“Marin intelligently optimized our budgets and bids, causing lead volume to double over the last six months. And since it’s all automated, Marin has eliminated hours of manual work so my team can focus on driving strategic value for the company.”

Luke Antel, COO at Alumni Ventures

Are you working off the right forecasts?

To provide comprehensive coverage, Marin combines the publisher's forecasts with our proprietary models to simulate future results for each campaign at different spending levels.

"Marin's targeted approach increased conversion rates and lowered overall costs."

Head of Digital Acquisition at WorldFirst

Schedule Time
  • Sophisticated temporal modeling adjusts for seasonality: day of week, month and year
  • Incorporate external events from your marketing calendar
  • AI-powered simulations combine ad platform data with proprietary models
  • Forecasts updated daily to respond to changing performance

Are you protected from overspending?

Marin monitors your campaigns and will automatically pause any that have reached their target spend. Eliminate the risk of credits for exceeding client budgets.

Do you want to hit the goals in your media plan every time?

Marin takes a time-consuming and stressful process and makes it easy. Check out our recent results for an agency managing dozens of budgets. Automated reporting visualizes your performance against plan, sending alerts if anything is off track and needs your attention.

Think that Smart Bidding already has you covered?

No problem, Marin is compatible with all publisher bidding, including Google and Smart Bidding Microsoft Ads Automated Bidding. It sets the campaign budgets and updates Smart Bidding targets to hit your business goals. All ad platforms recommend a flexible budget across campaigns, but only Marin delivers this across platforms.

Marin offers more across management, optimization, and automation

Search Publisher
Social Publishers
Via third-party
Retail Media Publishers
Other Publishers
Performance Max Support
Account configuration
Link unlimited accounts to your ID
Integrates with your data warehouses
and more...
Unified data model for easy analysis
Budget pacing report
Across strategies
Automated conversion data integration
Works with third-party bidding
No-code and script-based Automation
All Publishers
Alerts and promotion of high-performing organic posts
Cross-channel full stack professional support team
Dynamic campaign creation

Don't forget our revenue and first-party integrations! 
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