Expert Solutions

Our digital marketing experts will keep your account in top health with Marin’s powerful technology

MarinOne Ad Management Software

Whether you're short-staffed or just looking to add additional resources, our team of performance marketing experts will drive extraordinary results until you’re ready to take the wheel.

Are you...

  • Moving paid media in-house?
  • Building out a paid media team? 
  • Launching an advertising channel?
  • Launching a product?
  • Approaching peak sales periods?
  • Expanding to a new geography?
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Two levels of expert solutions


On-demand expertise and additional bandwidth

Adding additional resources to your marketing team can help with the day-to-day management of your campaigns, freeing you up to focus on your digital strategy.

But you don’t have to rely on junior-level account support. Marin’s digital marketers are skilled in optimizing campaigns and saving costs to drive maximum performance.


Full-service execution and campaign strategy

It’s harder than ever to find the right employees right now. Marin’s Expert Solutions gives you access to top industry talent for far less than onboarding in-house.

The team at Marin Software is highly experienced in developing and executing successful digital strategies to get you the results you need.

The Marin Difference

Our technology allows us to work smarter with automate powerful automation freeing time to spend on your account  strategy, helping you exceeding your performance goals. Our team of experts bring many years of experience, delivering deep expertise that you won’t find with traditional agencies.


Marin understands the many factors involved in optimizing performance and we have the tools to get you there. 

  • 20% average performance uplift
  • 30% average time-savings
  • On-demand access to accounts for full transparency and control


Our cutting edge MarinOne platform delivers results

  • Automated workflows for campaign management that scales
  • Best in class bidding engine and proprietary measurement solution
  • Custom metrics and flexible account structure

Advanced Analytics

Powerful reporting shows you how Marin is improving your performance. 

  • Omni-channel views across search, social, and ecommerce
  • AI-powered account insights and recommendations 
  • Easy data visualization and detailed custom dashboards

Data Integration

Your data is your advantage. We add our expertise to make the data work for you. 

  • Seamlessly connect your first party data from any source: analytics, CRM, product feeds, and offline conversions
  • Data is pushed daily to cloud storage, data warehouses, or the BI platform of your choice


Marin understands the many factors involved in optimizing performance and we have the tools to get you there. 

  • Advanced forecasting to help find the right level of spend
  • Budget pacing to keep your campaigns on track
  • Creative A/B Testing identifies your best performing creatives

Strategic Support 

  • White-glove onboarding, account setup, and data integration 
  • Account analysis and insights
  • Strategic planning and advanced growth tactics
  • Always-on account support
  • Weekly status meetings
  • Long-standing relationships with publishers

Our Team of Experts

Marin's team of digital experts are some of the brightest minds in the industry, leveraging their expertise to provide strategic recommendations and best practices for advertisers. Our seasoned marketers keep a pulse on the latest digital trends we see in the industry to deliver the best results.