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Managed Services

On-Demand Marketing Support

Whether it's setting up your ad platform accounts for easy integrations or covering your team when you're short-staffed, our Managed Services team, with hundreds of years of digital marketing experience, has got your back.

"Our Managed Services Team at Marin is top-notch! They are a breath of fresh air. The team provides our company the day-to-day, hands-on management to help us with nuances of multifaceted campaigns. They come to the table with ideas, efficiencies, and strategy. We’re excited for the future as we continue to grow our campaigns with the team at Marin."
Director Integrated Media | Nautilus Inc.
Over ROAS Goal
"We saw solid results using MarinOne Bidding to optimize our Shopping campaigns. MarinOne kept us more efficient and profitable."
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More Sales
"I’m amazed at the performance lift Marin Bidding was able to deliver. Upon flipping the switch, we saw almost immediate results: more clicks, more conversions, and lower CPCs. We’re thrilled with the results."
Chetna Wagjiani
Marketing Executive | SmartBox UK Ltd.
Conversion Increase
"MarinOne’s automation features have enabled our small team to perform at a level you would expect from a team with 2 or 3 times as many resources. The ability to use powerful algorithmic optimization but still maintain control via business specific segmentation and rules have made all the difference in our paid search strategy."
“The improved performance and increased efficiency we found with MarinOne has helped us outflank our competition and maintain our dominant position in the market. We hope to continue our success with the Marin team well into the future!”
Xavi Serrallach
Performance Marketing Manager | Suntransfers
"Marin's Inventory Bidding solution has allowed us to tap into lower funnel search audiences who are looking for highly specific makes and models of equipment. The best part is that it can be all automated with a lever to control which assets we want to promote. Marin does the work behind the scenes to make sure our bids are optimized."
Kevin Lee
Paid Search Associate | Ritchie Bros.

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