PPC optimization platform for Local / SMB Agencies

At Marin, we understand your business, digital advertising, and client needs. Marin arms you with tools that help you understand how various channels combine to drive conversions. With a more complete view of campaigns, you evaluate click paths across touchpoints and improve the performance of your clients’ online funnels.
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Fully customizable, giving you the data, integrations, and workflows that matter to your business

Extend your reach by targeting key audiences across channels with Audience Hub

Summarize data at multiple levels across accounts with Dimensions. No more Pivot Tables and Excel grunt work.

Publisher and performance data that is simple to integrate with your BI / Visualization tools

Track online and offline conversions with Marin Attribution or any other third-party tracking system

Automatically identify and implement opportunities to grow revenue and decrease costs with Marin Insights

Sleep well at night knowing that our Automated Alerts will notify you of any unusual activity in your accounts

Join the leading agencies that rely on Marin.

Agencies see better results, time savings, and improved ROI with Marin.