PPC optimization platform for Media and Gaming

Gaming is a massive market with a readily-engaged audience to target. Marin helps your gaming apps stand out from the rest with cross-channel campaign optimization for Apple Search Ads, Google Universal App campaigns, paid search, and social. Optimize toward app installs and leverage Marin’s advanced data integration and reporting capabilities to analyze publisher and MMP data together in one view.
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Single interface for measuring, managing, and optimizing your app advertising programs.

Save time with automated recurring reports and shareable dashboards.

Define your own metrics with custom columns to match how your business operates

Automated Bidding to improve cost per tap and cost per download

Predict results at varying levels of spend across publishers

Publisher and performance data that is simple to integrate with the BI / Visualization tool your company is already using

Reach the right audiences across channels, and see the lift in your taps and downloads.

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