Unified optimization suite that maximizes the return on your digital marketing investment

Transparency and control that you can't get from publisher tools.


We help you find the right level of marketing investment. As you vary your spend, we forecast the expected conversions, revenue, and profit for your entire account or specific Bid Strategies. Based on your overall goals, MarinOne will allocate spend levels to your Bid Strategies by setting targets and campaign budgets.


Bidding is the engine that delivers performance. The predictive algorithms in MarinOne bidding automatically incorporate over 75 signals for incredible responsiveness and accuracy across audiences, devices, geos, and more. 

MarinOne Bidding is simple to set up but flexible enough to meet the needs of your business.  It is especially well suited for advertisers with third-party revenue tracking and longer sales cycles.


Perhaps the most powerful part of MarinOne is making sure you hit your goals for your program. The Pace module tracks your spend over the course of the month, quarter, or other period you specify and adjusts your bidding targets to keep you on track.

Compatible with eCPC

MarinOne bidding is compatible with eCPC, allowing you to take advantage of auction-time adjustments based on user context.

Targeted Campaigns

Keep an eye on Smartbidding

If you prefer to use publisher bidding, no problem! MarinOne will adjust and monitor the targets for your Bid Strategies and let the publishers handle impression-level bids.

Changing targets?

Does your revenue per conversion change frequently? MarinOne’s Dynamic Bidding Goals adjust bids automatically based on the current value.

Optimize to revenue

Focus your efforts on your best performance leads by optimizing to downstream conversions with Full Funnel Bidding with direct integration to your CRM.

MarinOne Case Studies
Promotional Calendar to Maximise Sales

Maximize seasonal sales

Promo Calendar Bidding analyzes historical performance during sales and other peak periods and estimates adjustments needed for upcoming events.

Coordinate bidding across entities

Cooperative Bidding improves ROI by ensuring you aren’t bidding against other lines of business or partners.

MarinOne Audience Hub

Additional capabilities

User-level Saved View
Currency Conversion
Day-over-Day Comparison
Shareable Saved Views
Segmentation by Device
Week-over-Week Comparison
Email Alerts
Unlimited Conversion Types
Year-over-Year Comparison
Advanced filters
Date of Click Reporting
Bar Charts
Absolute Change
Date of Conversion
Scatter Charts
% Change
Pie Charts