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Preparing data for analysis is still a manual process for many digital marketers

Excel and Google Sheets remain a core part of digital marketers' workflows. Whether working with publisher tools or using a platform like Marin, sometimes you just want to go to the spreadsheet. Too often, this involves manually aggregating data, whether stitching data across multiple accounts and publishers or pairing cost and conversion information.

What if a platform could aggregate your data across channels and automatically prepare it for analysis?

Unify your data and access it where it’s needed

Marin brings your performance marketing data into a single platform, making reporting across accounts and publishers easy. We align cost, conversion, and revenue data for a holistic view of your programs. Our robust capabilities enable an Analytics-to-Action workflow – and the reporting options in Marin make it easy to get your data out of the platform and into any system of your choosing.

Access data with one-time or recurring reports

Marin offers quick access to download your data directly or send it via email. You can segment data by month, week, or day if desired.

There is no limit to the number of columns, custom columns, or filters that can be included in an ad-hoc report, nor is there a limit to the number of rows or the amount of historical data.

Example of the options available when pulling a one-off report.

Report at scale, even across clients

You can run reports across multiple Marin accounts, ideal for agencies that manage multiple clients, or for direct advertisers with a portfolio of business divisions.

Recurring Reports

You can schedule specific reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly to automate reporting further. These reports can be sent to multiple email addresses, often eliminating the need for manual weekly client updates. 

Manage by exception with alerts

Who wants to log in to see what needs your attention? Marin allows marketers to easily manage large-scale campaigns by exception – meaning they’ll get an email when campaigns hit certain conditions.  With in-line filters and change metrics, you can define what an exception means to your business and set up recurring reports to notify you of these exceptions. If nothing meets your criteria, you won’t receive an email!

For example, users can be notified via email when keywords are under a specific quality score or when an X% change in quality score occurs. Alerts can be built universally throughout Marin using the flexible report builder, including filtering capabilities, which will help marketers manage large-scale campaigns by exception. 

Marketers can also make alerts actionable by including standard fields such as Account, Campaign, Group, Keyword, Match Type, and Destination URL.

Push data to Google Sheets and Excel

Marin’s web query reporting solution makes it simple to push data from Marin to analyze in Excel or Sheets. Every time you open your workbook, you will have up-to-date data in existing reports customized for the needs of any business, across any product, and any geography for any stakeholder.

Simply copy the report URL from Marin and paste it into the sheet, and Excel or Sheets will pull in the appropriate data.

With our Google Sheets extension, you can even select your data directly from Google Sheets. 

Web queries are great for powering the spreadsheet-based dashboards you are already using and sharing data with colleagues and clients who are not Marin users.

BI Connect

MarinOne's BI Connect is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the integration of your Marin data into a wide range of Business Intelligence (BI) tools. With BI Connect, you can connect your Marin data with popular BI tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, and others. Learn more.

Connect to Marin data using our API

To facilitate the integration of Marin data into client-side tools such as CRM systems or internal reporting databases, Marin provides a reporting API. It is currently a reporting-only REST API. Marin’s API documentation is available at

Expand reporting possibilities with custom reports

We’re proud of the reporting options built into Marin. Still, we also know that performance marketers are a creative and demanding set of users, so we have built an unmatched custom reporting tool. With full access to all of the data in Marin and the ability to incorporate your first- and third-parties, our solutions engineers can craft a report to solve your most pressing digital marketing challenges.

Examples of custom reports we have built for our clients include:

  • Order detail
  • Path to conversion reporting
  • Custom budget pacing cycles
  • Promotional impact reports

Get started today

Marin’s reporting capabilities can provide unparalleled visibility and transparency into the performance marketing efforts of businesses of all sizes and industries. And our robust reporting’s just scratching the surface! Reach out to your Marin representative today to get started elevating your marketing game. Not a Marin customer yet? Sign up for a free trial to learn how Marin’s powerful AI and intelligent automation can take your paid media to the next level.