PPC optimization platform for Talent Acquisition

Marin helps recruiters and talent acquisition teams to more accurately target the ideal candidates where they are across job boards, exchanges, search channels, and social networks.
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Marin’s advanced reporting capabilities track views, clicks, and applications generated from your programmatic job ads,

so you can understand where you are generating the best ROI. Optimizing these ads with Marin will keep you on target for your cost per applicant and improve efficiency so you can fill more requisitions with the right talent. With Marin, it’s easy to manage your candidate funnel and meet your recruitment strategy goals.

Automatically connect CRM data to measure the impact of your advertising on business results

Fully customizable, giving you the data, integrations, and workflows that matter to your business

Focus on your best performance leads by optimizing to downstream conversions with Full Funnel Optimization

Extend your reach by targeting key audiences across channels with Audience Hub

Publisher and performance data that is simple to integrate with your BI / Visualization tools

Completely privacy compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ICO and whatever else might be coming down the road

Measure the effectiveness of your ads across channels and optimize bidding to attract, engage, and convert the best candidates for every job requisition.