PPC optimization platform for Automotive marketers

The automotive industry is competitive and the path to purchase is complex. Marin gives you the tools you need to build brand loyalty, boost the customer experience, and effectively influence consumer decision-making across paid search and social.

MarinOne Integration with CRM

Automatically connect CRM data to measure the impact of your advertising on business results

Fully customizable, giving you the data, integrations, and workflows that matter to your business

Focus on your best performance leads by optimizing to downstream conversions with Full Funnel Optimization

Full Funnel Optimization with MarinOne
Shopping Ads

Automatically build out text ads with Dynamic Campaigns

MarinOne Audience Hub

Extend your reach by targeting key audiences across channels with Audience Hub

Publisher and performance data that is simple to integrate with your BI / Visualization tools

MarinOne Analytics Integrations

Summarize data at multiple levels across accounts with Dimensions. No more Pivot Tables and Excel grunt work.

Dimensions Reporting
Offline Connect Conversion Tracking

Bridge online advertising with downstream and offline conversions using Offline Connect

Track online and offline conversions with Marin Tracker or any other third party tracking system with seamless handling of returns and other data corrections

Travel Case Studies

Test drive MarinOne to see how we an deliver customers to your showroom. Schedule a demo with Marin today to start building your following.

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