PPC optimization platform for Technology marketers

No industry moves faster than technology, and Marin has a proven track record in helping consumer and B2B software, services, and subscriptions reach the right audiences, drive user acquisition, and scale for rapid growth. We understand the technology landscape and what it takes to stand out.

MarinOne with Linkedin

Reach your prospects on LinkedIn, the social network where business gets done

MarinOne Integration with CRM

Automatically connect CRM data to measure the impact of your advertising on business results

Fully customizable, giving you the data, integrations, and workflows that matter to your business

Focus on your best performance leads by optimizing to downstream conversions with Full Funnel Optimization

MarinOne Audience Hub

Extend your reach by targeting key audiences across channels with Audience Hub

Publisher and performance data that is simple to integrate with your BI / Visualization tools


Completely privacy compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ICO and whatever else might be coming down the road

From startups to iconic brands, Marin Software has the expertise and innovation to take your growth to the next level.

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