PPC optimization platform for Travel marketers

Reach travelers with targeted messages more efficiently.

To win customers, you need to leverage all available information about what they want and where they are in the buying cycle. That’s because personalization of messages – and timing – unlock the door to success for travel advertisers. With Marin, you combine customer data with real-time inventory data so you can deliver personalized ads that increase conversions and drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

MarinOne Audience Hub

Extend your reach by targeting key audiences across channels with Audience Hub

Automatically build out text and shopping ads with Dynamic Campaigns

Shopping Ads
Dimensions Reporting

Summarize data at multiple levels across accounts with Dimensions. No more Pivot Tables and Excel gruntwork.

Focus on your best performance leads by optimizing to downstream conversions with Full Funnel Optimization

Full Funnel Optimization with MarinOne

Publisher and performance data that is simple to integrate with your BI / Visualization tools

MarinOne Analytics Integrations
Dynamic Actions for the Campaigns

Accelerate performance by linking your campaign budgets and bids with external signals using Dynamic Actions

Track online and offline conversions with Marin Tracker or any other third party tracking system with seamless handling of returns and other data corrections

Travel Case Studies

Watch your ad campaigns soar

The Marin team is on your journey with you. We’ll help you realize the promise of cross-channel marketing, geared to meet the travel industry’s needs. From getting your ads in front of the right travelers to optimizing for success, we’re on your side.

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