Reach travelers with targeted messages more efficiently

To win customers, you need to leverage all available information about what they want and where they are in the buying cycle. That’s because personalization of messages – and timing – unlock the door to success for travel advertisers. With Marin, you combine customer data with real-time inventory data so you can deliver personalized ads that increase conversions and drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

  • Put your rich customer data to work

    Built for the world’s leading travel advertisers, Marin’s sophisticated audience building and bidding technology lets you reach customers with the right ad at the right time. Easily tailor your message by customer segment to increase conversions and optimize customer lifetime value.

  • Take control of your destination feed

    Do you have the clean, well-structured data feed you need to effectively deliver dynamic travel ads? Marin’s SmartFeed gives you control over your product feed, allowing you to optimize and test your feed before sending to Google or Facebook.

  • Track and respond to competitor price changes easily

    Prices can change quickly – you need to be able to respond or you risk wasting ad spend. Marin helps you respond in real time by increasing bids when you have an advantage.

Watch your ad campaigns soar

The Marin team is on your journey with you. We’ll help you realize the promise of cross-channel marketing, geared to meet your particular industry’s needs. From getting your ads in front of the right travelers to optimizing for success, we’re on your side.