• 323% increase in revenue
  • 54% improvement in ROAS


Established in 2007, Yotel is a hotel group that offers guests an experience that challenges the status quo; with a promise to deliver a different kind of stay through awesome people, smart design, and the creative use of technology. 


Yotel saw a growth opportunity to scale up its Bing activity, but needed to do this with minimal resources. They also wanted a way to duplicate sitelink and negatives from Google to Bing and to keep Google and Bing in sync; so that if some campaigns are paused in Google, that would also carry over to their Microsoft Advertising campaigns.


MarinOne's Structured Sync is built to clone and sync campaigns from Google to Bing. Using Structured Sync, brands can clone their Google Campaigns, Groups, Creatives, Keywords, Sitelinks & Negative Keywords to their Microsoft account and sync status updates between the two publishers.

Each campaign is opted in via a dimension, which allows the system to clone that campaign into a specific Bing account. The system then creates an initial clone of the objects and keeps specific fields in sync on an ongoing basis.

Yotel started with a limited test of MarinOne’s Structured Sync on four campaigns in early August. Once they were comfortable with the tool, they opted for more campaigns to grow their Bing activity from a cost share of 5% to 9% vs. Google with minimal effort. 


Structured Sync paid off for Yotel in a big way. Scaling their reach to Microsoft Advertising delivered the following results:

  • 323% increase in revenue
  • 54% improvement in ROAS
  • Microsoft Search Share of Wallet increased from 4.5% to 10% in the months following the implementation