PPC optimization platform for Education

Marin understands your competitive landscape, seasonality, and multiple click paths for conversions. Using the Marin cross-channel marketing platform, you gain insight into how channels combine to drive conversions. You get the ability to easily evaluate click paths across marketing touchpoints. This more complete view of your online funnel helps you improve returns on digital ad spend. Increase conversions across channels with Marin.
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Unified data simplifies working across accounts and publishers

Identify new keywords for increased volume and negatives to avoid wasted spend with Automated Keyword Expansion

Focus your on your best performance leads by optimizing to downstream conversions with Full Funnel Optimization with direct integration to your CRM

Excel, Google Sheets, BI Platforms - we integrate your data where you need it

Maximize the impact of sales and other peak periods with Promo Calendar Bidding

Define your own metrics with custom columns to match how your business operates

Your prospective students are online.

We’ll help you deliver and optimize the right messages to best suit their learning needs, all the while providing expert guidance. Schedule a demo to learn how we’re meeting the demands of leading education providers.