Marin leads the way in cross-channel education advertising

Marin understands your competitive landscape, seasonality, and multiple click paths for conversions. Using the Marin cross-channel marketing platform, you gain insight into how channels combine to drive conversions. You get the ability to easily evaluate click paths across marketing touchpoints. This more complete view of your online funnel helps you improve returns on digital ad spend. Increase conversions across channels with Marin.

  • Reach new prospects with better social media marketing tools

    Marin provides education advertisers a clearer, flatter path to social marketing wins. The combination of insight and optimization that Marin delivers helps you build brand awareness and reach target audiences in the sometimes opaque world of social advertising.

  • Convert more opportunities using cross-channel signals

    Use Marin’s Search Intent tools to fuel improved retargeting and prospecting across channels. You apply signals captured on Google to inform Facebook advertising efforts and to more effectively move prospects towards conversions.

  • Optimize your sales cycle

    Marin helps you master the long conversion cycles typical in education. You can track an unlimited number of conversion events, including brochure downloads, form fills, and offline phone calls. As you track events throughout your funnel, you quickly determine what is and isn’t working.

Top education marketers win with Marin

The leaders in education turn to Marin to save time as they drive more conversions.

InstaEDU sees 20x drop in Facebook retargeting CPA with Marin

Connect with your learning audiences

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