• 23% lift in ROAS thanks to Marin’s Bidding
  • 10+ hours of weekly manual work eliminated
  • All reporting, performance monitoring, and optimization tasks automated

YOTEL's Director of Digital shared some of his favorite things about Marin with us. Check it out!

“Marin automates all of our reporting, performance monitoring, and optimization, saving us countless hours per week so we can spend more time focusing on strategy as we expand our presence globally.”

Philip Ascott
Director of Digital at YOTEL

Key Takeaways

Managing 44 paid media accounts with a digital marketing team of just 4 people is no easy task. In fact, without Marin’s automation, it would be impossible. Marin automates all of YOTEL’s reporting, optimization, and performance monitoring functions so that their team can spend more time focusing on strategy. The three most important features to them are:

  1. Marin's bidding, which has driven a 23% lift in ROAS since they switched from publisher automated bidding. In addition to it's best-in-class bidding algorithm, Marin provides a central hub to manage bidding for all of YOTEL's Google and Bing campaigns, which saves time. Learn more about Marin bidding.
  2. Data unification and reporting automation saves the team 10+ hours per week. Learn more about Marin's reporting capabilities.
  3. Marin’s scripts automatically monitor performance and optimize accounts. Learn more about our customizable scripts.