• 155% increase in revenue
  • 119% more conversions
  • 32% better ROAS


Multicomp Pro offers a diverse range of electronic components, including semiconductors, passive components, connectors, and more. As a supplier of a wide variety of electronic parts, Multicomp Pro caters to the needs of engineers, hobbyists, and professionals in the electronics industry.

Their product line is designed to meet the demands of electronic projects, from basic circuits to advanced applications. Multicomp Pro is recognized for providing reliable and cost-effective components, tools, and equipment, making it a popular choice for those seeking quality electronic parts. Whether one is working on prototyping, repairs, or production-level applications, Multicomp Pro strives to deliver components that meet industry standards and specifications.

“As more of our sales shifted to Amazon, we looked to Marin to help us optimize our cross-channel strategy. Their intelligent bidding has saved us time and helped us exceed our sales goals on this increasingly important platform.”

Binny Kurian, Head of Global Paid Search for Multicomp Pro


Multicomp Pro's marketing team had been manually managing their promoted Amazon listings and were looking for new opportunities to enhance sales. As Amazon became an increasingly important component in their e-commerce ecosystem, Multicomp Pro needed a better way to optimize their advertising campaigns. They wanted greater control over their bidding strategies to grow revenue, increase conversion rate, and improve their return on ad spend (ROAS). They needed a comprehensive advertising solution to streamline their efforts and make data-driven decisions for campaign optimization.


Multicomp Pro leveraged Marin's bidding algorithms to automatically adjust bids based on real-time data and performance indicators. This ensured that their budget was allocated to the most profitable keywords and products, improving both conversion volume and ROAS. 


Multicomp Pro's partnership with Marin Software was a game-changer for their Amazon advertising campaigns. By leveraging MarinOne's customizable automations they achieved remarkable results:

  • 155% increase in revenue
  • 119% more conversions
  • 32% better ROAS

They have improved their top line, introduced new customers to the brand, and improved their return on their marketing investment.

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