The Challenge
the challenge

The publishers don’t know your promotional calendar.
They should.

To understand and optimize your paid media campaigns, you must understand crucial dates for your company, including your promotional calendar and competitor promotions. Google doesn’t know your promotional calendar. Your reporting system should help you connect significant changes to your performance to these key events. When optimizing campaigns, upcoming events should learn from past sales performance.

Unfortunately, publisher tools aren’t aware of your marketing calendar. Let’s fix that.

Integrate your marketing calendar with your marketing data

Marin’s Marketing Calendar connects your key events with your performance data, showing the correlation between key business events and performance. You can even upload past and future events in bulk. Marin automatically summarizes the impact of events across any of the metrics in the system.

With Marketing Calendar, you'll stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions that help you work smarter and sell more.

Understand performance by event and by category 

Events can be as simple as a name and a date. For a deeper level of customization, add optional attributes such as category and description to provide detailed insights. 

Leverage Events to connect campaigns across channels

Launching a big influencer campaign on TikTok? Have you launched a new product and you want to see how your social media strategy is impacting your conversions on Search? With Marketing Calendar, it’s easy to see the impact of these actions across all your channels. Simply add them as Events and let Marin do the heavy lifting for you. 

Improve Forecasting with Event data

The Marketing Calendar feeds Marin’s innovative AI capabilities with better, more tailored data to improve optimization and maximize their ROAS for important promotional dates, ensuring campaigns align seamlessly with business objectives. No more driving in the rear view mirror! Marin’s Forecasting knows what to expect and includes the promotions in its predictions.

Adjust bids to your promotional calendar

Marin adjusts for changing conversion rates and volumes before, during, and after a sale…automagically. With event dates, Marin Bidding has additional signals to better predict these changes in performance. Marin understands the impact of events by category, and you can even map specific events to Marin Strategies if they only affect a subset of your business.

Understand the impact of competitive moves 

Track the impact of competitors’ promotions on your performance by including competitor Event data in Marin. The average Marin customer stores over four years of online data in the platform and can easily filter data sets to show performance during competitor promo days vs non-promo days. Armed with these Insights, you can determine whether you should have a more defensive or offensive posture during competitors’ promotional periods. 

Customize your promotional date strategy

Adjust promotional campaign settings and strategies based on performance data from previous instances of the same promotion. For example, if promotional campaigns have the same impression share as non-promotional campaigns but have a higher Conversion Rate, an advertiser might consider updating bid strategies to be more aggressive during the promotional period or use Ascend to account for the expected increase in Conversion Rate. 

Monitor promotional strategy impacts in real time

Marin’s Marketing Calendar can ingest future Event dates so that users performance data seamlessly aligns with their Event dates on launch date. This allows you to monitor promotional performance compared to non-promotional performance in near-real time. 

Get started today

Marketing Calendar is valuable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Marketers, advertisers, and campaign managers can leverage this feature to enhance their online ad campaign strategies, track important event-based performance against a defined time period, and improve overall marketing efficiency. Reach out to your Marin representative today to get started elevating your marketing game. Not a Marin customer yet? Sign up for a free trial to learn how Marin’s powerful AI and intelligent automation can take your paid media to the next level.