the challenge
the challenge

Aggregating performance marketing data into a single source of truth is easier said than done

Your performance marketing program spans multiple channels, each with a different reporting and data portability approach. APIs are great if available, but they require a technical team and the willingness to dedicate resources to keeping your integration up to date. Once you have the data, it needs to be normalized across publishers to get a holistic view and stitched together with revenue data to gather insights.

Quickly make sense of all your data

Marin's BI Connect is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the integration of your Marin data into a wide range of Business Intelligence (BI) tools. With BI Connect, you can connect your Marin data with popular BI tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, and others.

BI Connect also offers the convenience of direct access, allowing you to integrate your Marin data directly with your preferred data warehouse.

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Take your data analysis to the next level

"Having all of our data in different locations was creating a reporting challenge for us. We had everything we needed, but getting it all into a single spot was a headache. Marin’s BI Connect helped us solve that. Now, our reporting is streamlined and we have a better understanding of cross-channel performance, which has helped us identify insights and set up alerts and automation."

— Paul Spokes, Director at AMS Media Group

BI Connect enables you to derive valuable insights and optimize your marketing strategies more efficiently through:

  • Comprehensive data access: BI Connect provides extensive access to data at various levels within your publisher hierarchy. This includes campaign, ad group, ad, ad extensions, dynamic targets, and more. With granular data, you can gain deeper insights and make informed decisions.
  • Enterprise-level data security: Your data remains protected, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability throughout the data integration and storage processes.
  • Automated cost and revenue integration: BI Connect seamlessly stitches together cost data with third-party revenue data. This automated process eliminates manual reconciliation and ensures accurate and complete financial analysis.
  • Flexible data hosting: You can choose where to host your data - whether on your cloud infrastructure or Marin's secure cloud storage. This adaptability allows you to align with your organization's preferences and data management strategies.
  • Simplified reporting: BI Connect simplifies reporting by offering Marin robust and agile reporting features such as dimensions and customizable columns. This simplifies generating reports with relevant data and metrics aligning with your reporting requirements.
  • Minimal burden on internal data teams: With BI Connect, you can reduce reliance on internal teams for data integration and heavy-lifting tasks. Marin handles data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes, allowing your teams to focus on analysis and decision-making.

Marin consolidates search, social, and e-commerce publishers, giving you a single source to connect to your BI Tool across your entire performance marketing ecosystem. BI connect enables marketers to send that unified data to any other reporting or visualization platform.

Get visibility throughout your entire customer lifecycle

BI Connect is a critical component of Marin’s customer lifecycle ecosystem that enables you to see deep into your purchase funnels, connect offline sales to online advertising, and optimize toward customer lifetime value across search, social, and display publishers. 

Seamlessly integrate your data

With Data Passback, you have the ability to integrate your entire data set, from across your paid media ecosystem, into your internal data warehouse. The Passback constructs files comprising all new and changed objects within Marin and automatically sends daily files on your behalf. This includes metrics for keyword, creative, placement, and product target performance are provided as well.

Easily get started

BI Connect is simple, and our experts are here to help do the heavy lifting. So you can get started quickly without burdening your internal teams. Marin has already organized and loaded your publishers, revenue, and saved views. We’ll help you aggregate and map your data – and our AI-powered system will normalize it for analysis. Simply connect a query to the BI Tool of your choice and hit the ground running!