• Attributed backend conversion and revenue data to the appropriate campaigns, keywords and ads
  • Used Marin's Revenue Hub to feed data to Google and inform its bidding algorithms
  • Data improvements drove a 30% increase in revenue


Internet Brands is an online media and technology company that serves businesses and consumers in four major categories: Automotive, Health, Legal, and Home/Travel. Internet Brands’ fully integrated approach combines leading web solutions for businesses with online platforms for consumers. Since launching in 1998, they’ve grown to become the leading digital franchise focused on large vertical markets, headlined by their current focus on the Health and Legal markets.

"With Marin as a partner, we’re able to adapt to the ever-changing digital advertising landscape. Marin ensures that the right data gets to Google to train the bidding algorithms for optimal results."

Joe Nascenzi
Sr. Director of Marketing, Internet Brands


Internet Brands has partnered with Marin over the last decade to achieve a variety of performance-lifting, time-saving, and strategic initiatives across Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and TikTok. Recently, Internet Brands has been working to get first-party revenue data into Google to better inform their bidding algorithms and drive higher Return on Ad Spend and lower Cost per Acquisition across their markets. 

Their Google campaigns aim to generate leads, and they track lead generation conversions using an in-house tracking system. The value of each lead varies by geography. For example, a lead in California may be worth more than one in Texas. Therefore, they needed to calculate the lead value and then feed that data into Google. They decided to use their existing integration with Marin to do just that. Marin's integration was easier to maintain than a direct integration with Google ads, so they wanted to utilize existing integrations to save time and reduce complexity.


Marin could ingest the conversion data and attribute it to the appropriate campaigns, keywords, and ads. The new challenge was creating a process that sent that data back to Google at a scalable cadence, making sure that process was flexible enough to use for a variety of business lines and many different ad accounts. 

Marin’s Revenue Hub converts Marin revenue files into a Google Ads-ready format and sends those files to Google ads daily. The solution works across 10 different Google ads accounts. This way, Marin unified, attributed, and normalized all their conversion data. The clean, accurate revenue and conversion data is sent to Google Ads for their algorithms to use for optimization.


Revenue Hub gives Google a complete dataset to feed to its algorithm, so it can make more informed decisions without manual intervention from Internet Brands’ marketing team. This drove a 30% revenue lift while keeping ROAS flat. Revenue Hub’s automation also opens up time to test other channels and tactics for their brands now that they don’t have to assign resources to the Google project. The revenue data was also used to inform MarinOne’s AI to optimize bids for TikTok.