• 87% increase in offline booking year-over-year, and a further 28% increase compared to the previous quarter
  • More than 15% decrease in CPL for campaigns using the Marin Budget Allocation tool


Verisure is a leading provider of professionally monitored security solutions. The company has nearly three million customers in 14 countries across Europe and Latin America, and has grown to be the second largest home alarm provider in the world.

The Verisure and Marin Social partnership started when Verisure was looking for a flexible advertising platform that would increase their volumes, decrease costs per lead and save time relative to using Power Editor alone. Their existing account had been built over time and needed to be restructured because they wanted to scale their activity and the old structure didn’t allow to spend more efficiently.

The team was also looking to reduce manual optimisation times and adopt automated optimisation features – restructuring to be aligned with best practices. Because they rely on offline sales, they wanted to have the full visibility and optimise on offline sales data.

Working with Marin Social has been a game-changer for Verisure’s Social Ads strategy and performance. We gained a lot of automation and efficiency. Thanks to the platform’s strong capabilities and features, we were able to break the line between digital media & business KPIs. The matching of digital media & offline sales data results in campaigns being optimized with our own business indicators.

Head of Media and Digital Acquisition at Verisure


As the majority of Verisure’s sales happen offline, the digital marketing team had little visibility into the true impact of Facebook campaign performance. They chose Marin Software as the partner to measure Verisure’s offline event data, so that the team could easily connect the company’s CRM system into Marin Social, and close the loop between digitally captured leads and non-digital conversions.


Marin leveraged a few key tactics to ensure that the Verisure team met their offline conversion goals:

  • Social Media Marketing Experts: With a global team of experts, Marin Software discusses recommendations and social media best practices on a continuous basis, working to constantly refine and improve Verisure results. Examples of these included retargeting higher-intent users with Facebook Lead Ads, improving campaign structure (resulting in a 33% decrease in CPL), and incorporating daily budgets vs. lifetime budgets (7% decrease in CPL).
  • Marin’s Automated Tools to Improve Performance: Marin Social’s Bulk Ad Creator, Mass Editor, URL Builder, and Budget Allocation tools automate routine tasks for the end-to-end ad management workflow. The resulting efficiencies meant more of the team’s time could be devoted to pursuing other corporate goals and improving profitability with their digital marketing efforts in real-time. In order to measure some of these efficiencies, the team performed a split test with the Budget Allocation tool, which showed that campaigns using this feature delivered a 16% lower CPL. Marin Social Media Plans also made it easy to organize the creatives by different strategies and campaign objectives.
  • Message Booster: Verisure automatically promoted high engagement organic posts as paid advertisements using Marin’s Message Booster, increasing the reach of its brand in France and driving additional conversions.


Because of its partnerships with Marin Software, the digital marketing team at Verisure was able to witness impressive growth while hitting key company goals:

  • 87% increase in offline booking year-over-year, and a further 28% increase compared to the previous quarter
  • More than 15% decrease in CPL for campaigns using the Marin Budget Allocation tool