• 94% of campaigns on target
  • 19% improvement from manual approach
  • 20% revenue lift in first month
  • 10% additional revenue  lift in second month


Agencies that manage clients with many locations often struggle to manage budgets at scale. It’s crucial to spend exactly what the client expects across dozens, or even hundreds of locations – often working across just as many publisher accounts. Marin has solved this process by automatically monitoring campaign spending and making AI-powered, real-time budget adjustments to hit the target spend. The result is less work, better results, and no missed opportunities.


One of our customers is a digital advertising and marketing agency that delivers highly targeted campaigns custom-tailored to their partner’s needs and goals. For their client, a senior living facility company, their goal was to generate leads for people looking for senior care. 

The client operates dozens of communities – each with its own target budget for lead generation campaigns. The agency’s job is to maximize leads for the allocated budget and any unspent budget represents missed opportunities. Before using Marin, the agency team would have to monitor budgets manually, a time-consuming and error-prone process. In the month before enabling Marin’s automatic pacing, only 50% of folders were within 10% of the target budget.


The agency looked to Marin to simplify this process and ensure they hit the target budgets set by the client. They mapped the campaigns for each location to a Strategy in Marin and set the monthly budget for each Strategy. 

Throughout the month, Marin monitored actual spending and the forecast for the remaining days and automatically made daily adjustments to ensure each Strategy hit its target. At the end of the month, 83% of the Strategies were within 5% of their target – up from 50% in the previous month. 94% of the strategies were within 10% of their target – up from 79% previously. Because they were not leaving budget on the table, the client increased revenue by 20% in the first month, and an additional 10% in the second.

The agency was able to monitor the real-time status of each location at a glance with the Pacing Dashboard, giving the team peace of mind and saving hours of work checking the performance of campaigns. Marketers can automatically pause campaigns if they hit their target budgets prematurely, preventing credits from accidental overspending.

Next Steps

While campaign budgets automatically reset at the end of the month, advertisers also have the option to roll over any unspent budget to the following month to maximize their results. The agency has been thrilled with their results and is working to roll this out across all of their clients. If you’re looking to automate the management of budgets at scale, reach out to Marin today.