The Challenge
the challenge

Are you grappling with these critical marketing questions:

  • How much should I be investing?
  • Where's the best place to put my money for maximum returns?
  • Am I on track with my goals?
  • How can I boost my performance?

Forget the outdated annual or quarterly rituals of complex, spreadsheet-driven analysis or publisher tool limitation. Marin revolutionizes this process, addressing key challenges head-on:

  • Forecasting: Ditch mere historical data. Predict and adapt to ever-changing market dynamics and seasonal trends with Marin.
  • Fragmentation: Juggling multiple media publishers? Marin’s holistic approach ensures you won’t miss a beat.
  • Frequency: Don't get stuck in a quarterly rut. Market conditions evolve daily, and so should your spend allocation.

Dynamic Spend Allocation: Your growth catalyst

Marin maximizes your marketing dollars, ensuring they're perfectly paced and allocated for optimal impact across campaigns.

Advanced machine learning understands campaign performance and adjusts your spending according to your business goals and any rules you specify. Our advanced machine learning dynamically adjusts spending to hit your business targets, blending seamlessly with publisher bidding for peak performance.

Forecast the future with clarity

Marin's transparent, prediction engine lets you visualize returns at varying spend levels, guiding you in real time. You can see the effects of spending more or less over the month on metrics like clicks, cost, conversions, profit, and gross profit. 

Planning a budget cut or increase? Marin’s forecasting shows you the impact before you commit.

Allocate every dollar dynamically

Marin builds the plan for your marketing investment across channels, publishers, and campaigns. It intelligently distributes your marketing investment, ensuring each dollar works its hardest across channels and campaigns – setting your budgets and bidding targets for publisher bidding (including Google and Bing Smart Bidding).

Most publishers don't offer sophisticated tools for helping to plan the right level of spending, and none of them work across marketing channels. Marin analyzes the marginal opportunity of each campaign and automatically re-allocates spend to maximize goals during the spend period, ensuring each dollar always has the highest marginal return.

With a detailed understanding of the auction landscape and powerful AI detecting seasonal patterns and macro trends, Marin takes a proven bottoms-up approach to determining the optimal allocation for your marketing spend. Now, detecting seasonal patterns and macro trends is easy with Marin’s detailed understanding of the auction landscape and powerful AI.

Quickly adapt to market shifts

Quarterly or monthly allocation changes are insufficient in a world where you’re only one viral post away from a dramatically altered competitive landscape. In a fast-paced world, waiting months to adjust your spend is ancient history. Marin's continuous monitoring and adjustment keep you agile and ahead. Marin continually monitors the performance of your campaigns, adjusting budgets and bidding targets based on predicted campaign performance. 

Simplify performance tracking

Once you set the targets, Marin automatically takes over, hitting your goals for the program and saving you time by eliminating manual monitoring and adjusting your budgets to meet your goals in real tim.

Set your goals and let Marin take the wheel, automating your budget adjustments and monitoring. Our pacing dashboard keeps you informed on your progress, with all your key metrics in one place.

Unify strategies across channels

Marin’s Strategies link campaigns with common goals, spanning across channels and publishers, simplifying cross-platform management. Strategies are groups of campaigns that share a business goal. A Strategy can include campaigns from different publisher accounts and channels. 

An agency might have Strategies for different clients, and a brand might have different strategies for lines of business, funnel stages, or geographies. 

Outsmart Smart Bidding

Are you using Smart Bidding on Google, Bing, or other publisher bidding strategies? Great! Marin will make them work even better. Every publisher preaches the importance of flexible budget allocation to get the best performance from their AI. However, if you use the publisher tools, they only work on that publisher. Marin expands this concept to work across channels, seeking the campaign with the highest marginal opportunity based on current performance. Marin then sets the appropriate Smart Bidding targets and budget for each campaign.

Customize to match your business

Marin offers tailor-made allocation rules – from fixed amounts to impression share targets. You decide how to distribute your budget, prioritizing campaigns while maintaining control.

With Marin you also get flexible allocation rules: You can specify a fixed dollar amount or a percentage allocation by campaign or embed an impression share target with an overall spending goal. You need the control to prioritize campaigns and then put bumpers in place to keep you on budget. And you can allocate your budget based on rules across campaigns in a strategy. 

Campaign priority gives additional flexibility. Primary campaigns receive unrestricted spending, and rules-based allocation will find the optimal expenditures for the remaining budget across the secondary campaigns. For example, an advertiser may give primary campaigns unrestricted spending for 70% of the budget and determine the spending for the remaining 30%. 

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with Marin – where every dollar is a smart investment, and your goals are always within reach. Need help managing budgets at scale? We’ve got you covered with budget pacing as well.