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Performance marketers need more than just a chatbot. Learn how Marin's AI can help you save time, make better decisions, and improve your results.
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Anomaly detection

Marin continuously reviews your account for unexpected results. Outliers are analyzed, correlated with account changes, and contextualized with external events. Email alerts explain the what and why using generative AI. You can quickly mitigate issues and capitalize on opportunities.

Spend allocation

Marin also notices when your campaigns are off track to hit your goals, so it leverages your data and taps into powerful machine learning to identify the optimal mix based on your historical performance – and has automatically reallocated some of your down-funnel budget to higher funnel campaigns to help drive revenue and get them back on track.

Forecasting and simulation

Accurate predictions are a must. Marin develops simulations using time-series analysis, non-supervised neural networks, and auto-correlation to build our models. We estimate what would happen at different targets and account for seasonality and external factors. Because our models operate in a closed data ecosystem, you never have to worry about your data leaking.

Scripts... with ChatGPT to error-check your code

Sometimes you really want to go off road. Adjust for weather? Link to available inventory? If you really want to capitalize on timely insights, our scripts can automatically apply the rules you set throughout your account – from boosting keywords that hit a performance goal to pausing low performing ads and ChatGPT double checks the code to make sure they’re always in working order.


Powerful machine learning algorithms use rich auction data to generate a prediction of future performance and determine optimal bids. Our patented algorithm uses dynamic clustering to find opportunities on even your low-volume, long-tail keywords.

Machine Learning analyzes and monitors intra-day campaign metrics on an individual publisher basis, and identifies bid optimizations to remain on target

Dynamic campaign creation

And because your inventory frequently changes, you’ve linked your inventory feed to Marin, and our AI, powered by natural language processing (NLP), has dynamically populated everything – from the campaign structure, to the ad copy, to the targeted keywords – based on the information provided in your inventory feed.


Marin uses data mining and analysis algorithms to identify opportunities to grow revenue, decrease costs, and save time. Each Insight offers an actionable recommendation that you can apply with one click and the estimated impact on your performance.

Custom solutions

AI moves fast and you have to be agile to keep up. If there's a performance marketing problem you're looking to solve, we're here to help. Our flexible platform is built to be customizable and to integrate with whatever technology you need. Marin's only limitation is your imagination. Speak with us today and we’ll build the solution you need!