The Challenge
the challenge

Do you have an AI assistant combing your performance marketing programs for opportunities?

Google offers recommendations, but they are limited to that channel and often aim to increase spend, not hit your revenue targets. And most publishers don’t even have that.

Searching for opportunities involves manual spreadsheet analysis, which is time-consuming, error-prone, and often incomplete. And when it’s time to implement, you’ve got to jump to another system. This is exactly the type of challenge AI is built to address.

Make informed decisions

Marin Insights delivers customized, cross-channel recommendations designed to improve campaign performance. Powered by AI, Insights will uncover opportunities to reduce wasteful spending and maximize performance across all your publisher accounts.

Insights even estimates the impact that its recommended changes will have on spend, conversions, and revenue, along with examples to show you exactly what you stand to gain when implementing each recommendation.

 A downloadable CSV data file makes it easy to turn these insights into action, or you can apply the chosen optimization to your publisher accounts with just the click of a button!

Marin’s Insights enable you to work faster and smarter, not harder.

Reduce wasteful spending

Make sure you’re spending your media budget wisely. Automatically identify top-performing campaign elements and flag underperformers. Without the need to aggregate, calculate, and implement across publishers, you spend less on the biggest waste of all – the time spent doing manual work!

Accelerate growth 

Directly impact your company’s bottom line with recommendations based on personalized volume and performance criteria. Identify shopping products outperforming their product group, high-performing campaigns limited by budget caps, and much more!

Work across channels

Scale your programs by applying recommendations across publishers and strategies. We also have downloadable CSV files to review insights at the most granular level and easily implement the recommended changes using a bulk upload.

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Automate implementation 

With Insights, you can review the suggestions manually, making any tweaks before uploading them back to Marin. Even easier, we offer the ability to apply changes in one click. And once you are comfortable, you can completely automate the process and tell Marin to act on your recommendations. Marin Scripts offer additional opportunities for workflow automation.

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Available insights

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There are over 40 types of insights across 5 categories, including:

Keywords: duplicate keywords, keyword bid overrides, keyword count, keyword expansion, keyword match type expansion, keyword publisher expansion, negative keyword expansion, single keyword ad groups

Ecommerce: Amazon keyword expansion, top-performing Amazon ads, top-performing products

Ads: ad copy optimization, ad count, ad optimization, disapproved ads

Bidding & Budgets: bid caps, bid changes preview, bid floors, bidding reactivity, budget capped campaigns, enhanced CPC, forecasting target opportunities, low volume bid strategies

Setup: invalid credentials, landing page errors, sync errors