The Challenge
the challenge

Spending too much time aligning campaigns to a changing offering? 

Do you need help to keep up with all the new products your merchandising team adds to the site? For many brands, ensuring you have suitable campaigns running for a constantly evolving product offering can be more than a full-time job. As new items come online, you can miss out on new sales. As inventory and assortments change, you might be overspending as performance evolves.

You need a solution that automatically manages your campaigns based on a structured data feed. For eCommerce companies, this is likely the inventory feed you’re already sending to Google and Meta. Non-retail brands can also take advantage of this with job listings, hotel inventory, upcoming events for ticket sales,

Automate campaign creation

Automate inventory-based changes to paid media campaigns with Marin’s customizable Dynamic Campaigns. Link your inventory feed to Marin, and we can automate almost any action you execute manually based on your product assortment. 

Simply include all the product details in the daily inventory feed to Marin. We’ll help you create a template for campaign structure and, naming conventions and ad copy. Marin will then dynamically populate everything from the campaign to the ad copy to the targeted keywords based on the information provided in your inventory feed. And you can even have multiple templates for different categories of products. 

Improve your copy with ad customizers

If price drops are a part of your advertising strategy, Marin can automatically update your ad copy to feature the latest price in today’s product feed. It can also update copy to call out low stock volume, giving users a sense of scarcity and pushing them to buy now. This makes staying on top of promotions a breeze. 

Incorporate inventory into bidding decisions

Automatically increase bids or budget for SKUs with excess inventory or that you’re running promotions on. Marin can process any element in your inventory feed to make bid adjustments or reallocate the budget across campaigns.

Auto-pause ads for products that are out of stock

Serving ads on products that are out of stock is a lose-lose. You waste ad dollars, and potential customers get frustrated when they click on an ad only to see they cannot buy the product. Marin can run daily checks on your inventory feed and pause ads for products below whatever inventory threshold you choose.

Scale automation across accounts and channels

Once created, the dynamic campaigns and campaign creation custom automation can be scaled across an unlimited number of ad accounts. For example, one Marin client team that manages many different brands has its custom solution running across 156 ad accounts. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t waste time and effort doing manual work that could be automated. Marin’s experts ensure your workflows are automated and your program fully optimized.