The Challenge
the challenge

Managing budgets at scale is a nightmare

Facing the budget management nightmare? Whether you're an agency chasing client spending goals or an in-house team wrestling with finance-set budgets, staying on target shouldn't be a Herculean task. Traditional methods - think cumbersome offline analyses or limited publisher tools - just don't cut it anymore. Why?

Forecasting Finesse: Ditch the rearview mirror approach. It's time to predict and pivot with the market and seasonal shifts.

Fragmentation Fight: Juggling multiple media publishers? Without a unified strategy, opportunities slip through the cracks.

Frequency Flexibility: The market's always on the move, and so should your budget adjustments - quarterly or annual tweaks just won't do.

Enter Marin, your budgeting wizard:

Always stay on target

Once you set targets, Marin automatically takes over, hitting your goals for the program and saving you time by eliminating manual monitoring and budget adjustments. The results speak for themselves.

Effortless performance monitoring

The pacing dashboard shows how you are progressing against your goals. At a glance, you will know if you’re on track for the month, quarter, or whatever period matters to you. The dashboard reports your key metrics, including spending, revenue and efficiency (CPA / ROAS).

Rollover magic for unused budgets

Leftover budget? Marin seamlessly rolls it into your next cycle, recalibrating targets without missing a beat.

Smart pauses to avoid overspending

Marin does a great job of hitting your targets, but changing market conditions or evolving goals can occasionally exhaust your budget before the end of the cycle. Marin will automatically pause campaigns in strategies that have met their goal, preventing overspending and potential credits due to your clients.

In addition to pausing when campaigns when you've hit your target for the cycle, Marin also offers a daily spend cap. This is useful for publisher like Google who spend up to 2x your daily budget setting.

Insightful alerts when targets seem distant

Hitting a roadblock? Marin not only alerts you but provides AI-powered insights into why you're not hitting your goals. Marin also offers suggestions for addressing the issues and makes it easy to reallocate unusable budgets to other Strategies if needed.

Strategies: Your multi-account, cross-publisher foundation

Budget pacing in Marin is built around Strategies, a group of campaigns that share a spending target. A Strategy can include campaigns from different publisher accounts and channels. 

An agency might have Strategies for different clients, and a brand might have different strategies for lines of business, funnel stages, or geographies. 

Bid farewell to budgeting nightmares. With Marin, you're not just managing budgets; you're mastering them with ease, precision, and a touch of AI magic!

If you’re looking for Marin to handle your spend allocation, we can do that too.