• Improved ROAS Globally by 78% while Doubling Bookings
  • Campaigns using Awareness Targeting saw a 20% increase in Impression Share
  • Improved conversion tracking and Tableau standardization


Every year, Genesys® delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in over 100 countries through its contact center solution for mid-sized and large companies. Through the power of the cloud and AI, their technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales and service on any channel, while also improving employee experiences.

MarinOne’s automation features have enabled our small team to perform at a level you would expect from a team with 2 or 3 times as many resources. The ability to use powerful algorithmic optimization but still maintain control via business specific segmentation and rules have made all the difference in our paid search strategy.



Genesys has long seen Paid Search as a top performing advertising channel for their complex B2B business, and the small digital marketing team was tasked with expanding the reach of the program along with a large scale account restructuring.

The team initially used publisher tools but quickly found they were spending all their time executing campaign management tasks and were not able to focus on strategy. Genesys used another bidding tool, but found any performance improvement would disappear when they made manual adjustments due to business requirements leading to unstable and inefficient results.

To achieve their goals, they needed to begin producing at the level of a team 2 or 3 times larger so Genesys selected Marin Software and began to immediately see the benefits of an independent, cross-channel management and optimization tool.


After selecting Marin Software, Genesys looked to scale their global paid search program with much higher budgets in H1 2020. The expanded reach included Google, Bing, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu accounts that target 60 countries, and 16 languages.

Genesys used MarinOne’s customizable features including Dimensions and Custom Column to dramatically improve their ability to track, report, and analyze the account segments across languages and geographies. Automating these tasks allowed the team to spend their valuable time developing innovative testing strategies and quickly surfacing the results rather than getting lost in a quagmire of data each day.

The team automated URL Building to ensure tracking was consistent and reliable. MarinOne allowed them to quickly create or edit account objects without worrying that tracking would be missing or broken this ensured that the larger business was able to properly see the contribution of paid search to their down funnel sales data.

Previously, the inability to quickly pivot bidding strategies and reliance on publisher tools meant that their Google campaigns were being optimized differently from their Bing, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu accounts. The team was able to use MarinOne bidding strategies to effortlessly expand automated bidding to all publishers.

Genesys manages budgets at a regional level so they have created unique bidding strategies per budget line item – allowing them to easily adjust their Bidding Strategy CPL targets when budgets increase or decrease using the MarinOne Budget Pacing and What-If Forecasting tools.


As Genesys dramatically increased spend, they expected diminishing returns and higher CPLs. In using MarinOne, they were able to structure bidding so that they had firm control based on business requirements but still allowed the algorithm to find efficiencies within their category structure. Automating reporting, tracking, and bidding has allowed the small team to focus on finding winning strategies which enabled them to scale effectively with better than expected performance from the incremental spend.

  • Improved ROAS Globally by 78% while Doubling Bookings
  • In North America, maintained CPL and improved CVR by 34% while increasing spend by 26%
  • In LATAM, achieved a 23% reduction in CPL and increasing spend 66%
  • Successfully scaled EMEA spend by 286% and CPL only increased 6%
  • Campaigns using Awareness Targeting saw a 20% increase in Impression Share
  • Improved conversion tracking and Tableau standardization