• Exceeded the Nautilus ROAS KPI by 132% (US)
  • Exceeded the Nautilus ROAS KPI by 30% (Canada)
  • 388% increase from the initial ROAS goal


Nautilus is a worldwide manufacturer of fitness equipment brands including Bowflex®, Nautilus®, Schwinn®, Universal®, and Octane Fitness®, designed to meet the needs of any fitness level. Their products are sold through four diverse channels—direct to consumer, retail, commercial/specialty, and international.

Our Managed Services Team at Marin is top-notch! They are a breath of fresh air. The team provides our company the day-to-day, hands-on management to help us with nuances of multifaceted campaigns. They come to the table with ideas, efficiencies, and strategy. We’re excited for the future as we continue to grow our campaigns with the team at Marin.

Director Integrated Media at Nautilus Inc.

Business Challenge

Nautilus was previously utilizing an agency that used their own ad accounts to fulfill Nautilus campaigns on Facebook. As a result, the agency “owned” the data, and was reluctant to share any kind of historical performance.

Without any kind of first-party data to build valuable insights from and optimize towards, Nautilus was eager to foster a relationship with a team that could help them build an audience-aligned social marketing strategy. Their goal was to increase ROAS and further validate the value of social as a highly effective marketing channel. The most crucial key to success, however, was gaining full transparency into campaign metrics and performance.


Performance Visibility

First and foremost, Marin’s Managed Services Team established a reporting cadence and structure so that Nautilus could track the progress of their campaigns regularly. These reports offered higher engagement opportunity for the regularly scheduled communication with Nautilus, with detailed data interpretation and actionable insights that aligned with their business goals. Furthermore, these insights resulted in an A/B testing framework and calendar, which Marin created, that aims to expand Nautilus’ brand recognition and increase sales.

Less Manual Work, More Strategy

Given that there was no historical data to reference, it was crucial to configure and edit campaigns at scale in order to build an effective audience strategy within a short time span. Marin’s Mass Editor helped reduce the time spent on manual campaign edits and refreshes, allowing Nautilus to ramp up quickly and get their ads in front of the right people in record time.

In addition, Marin’s DPA wizard, an easy-to-use tool that incorporates “Creative Templates,” helped the team at Marin configure many of the manual elements of DPA creation into a single step, further contributing to time savings and efficiency. With less manual campaign legwork, the team was able to focus more on campaign optimization.

Hyper-Targeted Optimization

Marin put forth a full-funnel optimization strategy, which reaches potential consumers based on where they fall within the purchase journey. Marin was able to create exclusion lists, lookalikes, and remarketing audiences for more personalized messaging and experiences on Facebook by:

  • Incorporating customer lists for each of the Nautilus products
  • Deploying the Facebook pixel on the website to track online user behavior
  • Segmenting users who had engaged with Nautilus’ video content

Together, Marin’s Managed Services Team and the MarinOne platform were able to deliver on time savings and efficiency, total transparency into campaign results, and performance uplift.


The US exceeded the Nautilus ROAS KPI by 132% within a three-month timeframe, with its counterpart Canadian market exceeding that goal by 30%. The remarketing campaigns in both the US and Canadian markets were also a huge success, with a 388% increase from the initial ROAS goal.