• 132% revenue increase - Google Ads
  • 36% ROAS improvement - Google Ads
  • 390% revenue increase - Microsoft Ads
  • 147% ROAS improvement - Microsoft Ads


Founded in 2008, Suntransfers.com has quickly grown to become Europe's favourite private airport transfer company, providing services and destinations ranging from VIP city transfers to low cost holiday taxis operated from more than 500 airports and travel gateways worldwide.

Suntransfers.com is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, and they attribute their success to having the best team in the industry, dedicated to providing great value airport transfers and unbeatable service.

“The improved performance and increased efficiency we found with MarinOne has helped us outflank our competition and maintain our dominant position in the market. We hope to continue our success with the Marin team well into the future!”

Xavi Serrallach
Performance Marketing Manager


Suntransfers.com has experienced heightened competition in recent years and needed a way to outsmart its competitors in order to acquire new customers. In addition, they needed a solution that would gain them more visibility to their performance across all CPC channels as well as data on device trends and user locations. They were also spending too much time managing bidding between Google Ads and Microsoft Ads and wanted a single platform that could centralise their bid strategies and pass data between accounts.


MarinOne’s cross-channel reporting tools instantly helped the team to see their Google and Microsoft metrics together in one dashboard along with device and location metrics which helped them to make better decisions based on the data. MarinOne Bidding centralised bidding into mixed bid strategies for both Google and Microsoft improving their performance on low volume and long tail objects.

MarinOne Bidding also enabled Suntransfers.com to start bidding on Google Analytics revenue attribution vs. Google Ads revenue for the first time, an important milestone as this is the preferred KPI the company reports on for performance.


In the first six months of using MarinOne, Suntransfers.com increased their Google Ads revenue by 132% in the first bidding test (87% for the non-Marin portfolio) and improved ROAS by 36% in the second test (5% for the non-Marin portfolio). During the same period, Microsoft Ads performed 390% better on revenue and 147% better on ROAS (vs. 115% and 14% better on revenue and ROAS for the non-Marin portfolio). What’s more, the team was able to save half the time previously spent on long tail bidding.