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Marin Software helps online marketers increase the return on the investments of both time and money that they put into paid search.

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Spend on paid search marketing and its rapid growth are testaments to its impact on the bottom line for many businesses. As transaction volume increases and competition for keywords grows, paid search is increasingly complex and challenging to manage. Paid search marketers routinely struggle to identify opportunities for performance improvement, manage their daily workflows with efficiency, and improve financial lift at scale. Marin Software helps marketers increase the return on the investments of both time and money that they put into paid search.


Cross-Publisher Management and Visibility

Cross-publisher management and visibility

Simultaneously running large-scale online campaigns across multiple publishers is time consuming and error prone. Marin’s cross-publisher editing capabilities make it easy for marketers to effectively manipulate campaigns at scale.

Independent ad platform allows for search beyond Google

Savvy advertisers are seizing the opportunity to clone Google campaigns across Bing, enjoying a higher volume of clicks and conversions without having to increase budgets. Marin’s independent platform does the heavy lifting, making it easy to copy campaigns in a matter of minutes and automate bidding across both search engines for best results. Get the Guide »


Exception management and workflow automation

To combat complexity, Marin provides filtering and workflow-automation capabilities to manage large-scale, paid-search campaigns by exception. As a result, marketers can quickly hone in on their highest-impact campaign elements and take action for simultaneous improvements in financial lift and productivity.

Exception Management


Exception Management

Powerful and easy-to-use optimization

Large-scale online marketing programs with thousands or even millions of ad units are practically impossible to optimize without the aid of powerful statistical tools. Marin’s intelligent bidding algorithm and campaign optimization capabilities combine powerful automation with an easy-to-use interface that puts the marketer in control and typically drives financial lift of 20% or more.