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A Marketer's Guide
to Custom Audiences
on Facebook

7 ways you can use Facebook's
new retargeting to boost ROI

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Maximize Your ROI from the Web’s Most Popular Destination

With more than one million active advertisers and over one billion users, Facebook is an online force not to be overlooked. Advertising on Facebook often generates returns up to 5x greater than the online average. Offering an ever-changing assortment of fan pages, news feeds, targeting options and ad types, managing Facebook campaigns can be challenging even for the most seasoned digital marketer.

As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, Marin Software is the only Facebook marketing solution that allows advertisers to optimize towards any social or financial objective, from any data source, using a predictive Facebook bidding algorithm. lntegrated seamlessly with the Marin platform and all of it's industry leading features, our Facebook functionality will give you a competitive edge in your social marketing effort.

Typical Productivity Improvements within Two Months of using Marin:

Launch & optimize new campaigns faster for better results

Simplify and automate new ads with campaign wizard

Marin’s simple, intuitive bulk creation tools and analytics-to-action interface allow Facebook marketers to deploy an unlimited amount of campaigns in minutes. Creating and testing multiple combinations of images, headlines, descriptions, links, and targeting options is now a snap. Marin clients experience an average of 60% time savings vs. other social advertising tools.

Expand your reach with bulk page post ad creation

Marin Software allows advertisers to create and deploy Unpublished and Existing Page Post ads in bulk using an intuitive targeting, creative and bid selection workflow. Facebook advertisers will save significant time and quickly expand the reach of their organic page posts across their entirely Facebook page portfolio in four simple steps.

Easily deploy mobile ads across multiple audiences

Marin’s bulk Mobile App Install ads solution allows Facebook marketers to easily deploy and scale app promotional campaigns across multiple audiences in bulk. Marin’s is the only ROI-based Facebook mobile advertising solution that can integrate offline, revenue and LTV data, allowing advertisers to optimize beyond app downloads and toward business metrics.

Retarget across devices with Facebook Custom Audiences

Reach and retarget Facebook's 1.2 billion users across desktop, tablet, and mobile with Custom Audiences from Your Website. Simply append Facebook's tracking pixel, segment and target audiences, and re-engage them later with highly targeted messages. Learn the 7 ways you can drive revenue and boost ROI with this revolutionary feature in our handy guide.

Make Smarter Decisions Faster with the Most Powerful Reporting Suite

Pinpoint the drivers of performance with cross-channel attribution

Now you can view your Search, Social and Display channels as a cohesive program while simultaneously isolating the true performance of individual channels for improved investment decisions.

Marin allows you to move beyond last click attribution with flexible click weight distribution. This allows you to recognize contribution in brand-building/awareness channels.

Stay agile and relevant with intraday reporting

Facebook marketers often encounter performance swings stemming from demand and inventory changes throughout the day. Access to intraday performance data allows Facebook marketers to work smarter and respond faster to favorable and unfavorable performance trends.

Build a smarter strategy with automated reporting
and performance alerts

The powerful Marin Software reporting suite provides automated reports and customizable performance alerts for any level of your campaign. Facebook marketers on Marin experience an average of 60% reduction in time spent running reports, allowing them to focus on strategic decisions that improve their Facebook performance.

Drive Immediate Performance Lift Through Optimization and Bidding

Consistently boost results with creative rotation

Facebook creatives have an inherently short shelf-life, causing marketers to see a sharp decline in creative impressions within days. Our platform automatically rotates creative elements based on intraday performance trends, saving marketers time and boosting Facebook CTR by an average of 35%.

Social in Marin Case Book

Optimize toward any goal with automated bidding

Marin’s patented bidding algorithm delivers Facebook marketers an average of 20% lift in ROI by assessing performance trends and bidding towards the performance goals that matter most to you. Marin is the only Facebook management platform that offers a fully transparent approach to customer lifetime value.

Targeting made easy with audience micro-segmentation

Audience Targeting

Facebook audiences aren’t all created equal. In order to maximize ROI from Facebook marketers must regularly test and refine the audiences based on performance. Marin automates audience segmentation for easy creative optimization and fine-tuning based on granular demographic, geographic, and psychographic audience characteristics.

Leverage the data that matters most
to You

Marin Software is an open platform, allowing Facebook marketers to integrate and optimize to revenue from any data source. Marin Connect’s flexible integration capability enables marketers to seamlessly report, analyze and take action on the metrics that matter most to your business.