Build Incredible Dashboards with BI Connect

MarinOne makes it simple to connect your data to Excel, Google Sheets, Looker Studio (fka Google Data Studio), or your data warehouse. There is no need to add another tool to your marketing stack and MarinOne goes beyond data pipeline tools with proper revenue attribution and a unified data model to simplify reporting across channels.

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Introducing find and replace

In MarinOne, the find and replace functionality allows you to quickly make changes to your ads without having to edit each one individually -- or even in bulk. Simply input the text you'd like to find and the text you'd like to replace, then MarinOne will handle the rest. This can save a lot of time and effort when managing large campaigns with many different assets, such as RSAs. 

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Are you ready for GA4?

Google is retiring Universal Analytics and moving to GA4. Are you ready for the migration? We can help you smoothly navigate the transition by helping you review your measurement goals, build out a strategy in GA4, and migrate your Google Ads conversion tracking. 

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