Track events and promotions 🗓️

With Marin’s new Marketing Calendar, you can easily upload the dates that matter to your business and track how they impact your campaigns. Track anything from marketing activities that are happening offline, like TV spots, to promotions that you’re running in-store. You can even track your competitors’ promotional periods to see how their sales impact your business. Events in your Marketing Calendar are tied to your performance data – including third-party revenue. You can analyze performance in-app and even run in-depth statistical analysis on Event data via scripts. Read more about the Marketing Calendar here. Reach out to your Marin team to start adding and tracking your meaningful events today.

Reach Amazon audiences even if you don’t sell on Amazon 🛍️

With Amazon’s new non-endemic sponsored display ads, you can take advantage of Amazon’s massive reach even if you don’t sell anything on their sites. The best part? There’s no minimum required spend – so you can easily test if Amazon advertising is a game changer for your team. Read more about Amazon Sponsored Display Ads in our Help Center. Connect your Amazon ad account today via Marin’s Linking Wizard to start using Marin’s advanced automation and budget allocation tools.

Manage Microsoft automated bidding 🤖

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Did you know you can now manage Microsoft Advertising’s automated bidding in Marin? Along with Marin’s advanced budgeting, conversion tracking, and cross-channel campaign management functionality. You can learn more about publisher bidding strategies and how to get started with them in the Help Center.

View today’s data for even more publishers 👀

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Marin now updates your data throughout the day for your Meta, TikTok, Snap, Pinterest, and LinkedIn campaigns. Today’s data is updated every two hours, and you can schedule reports and scripts to run intraday as well. Take advantage of this near real-time data to make sure you’re always on top of your performance. 

Confirm data freshness 👍

Is your data up to date? Now you can know for sure. With Marin’s new “as-of” indicator, you’ll know exactly when your intraday data was refreshed, so you can be sure you’re working with up-to-date performance numbers. Talk to your Marin team to enable this so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse.

Use even more data sources for your scripts 👩‍💻

In addition to ingesting data from Marin’s feeds, reports, and alerts, Scripts can now run on data from Google Sheets and custom reports. This means that you can leverage your freshest data, no matter where it lives. Ask your Marin team about linking scripts directly to these new data sources so you can stop updating outside data sets.

Create customizable, sharable reporting views 📊

With Marin’s Territory Filter, you can create one Shared View for your entire team, and the data will automatically be filtered for each person viewing the report based on the Territory you assign to their User. This helpful filter is easy to set up and even easier to use – and your Marin team can help you get started today.

Listen to your data 🎶

Have you ever wished you could give your eyes a break and listen to your data instead? Now you can with Marin’s audio chart functionality. The best news is there’s nothing for you to do because it’s already live in all applicable charts. Just press the speaker icon next to a chart to hear Marin sing you a little tune!