View pacing charts in Strategy grid

It’s easier than ever to ensure you’re on track to hit your budgets with Marin. Our new in-grid pacing charts provide a real-time snapshot of how strategies are pacing against their budgets. And if things are off-track, you can adjust your budgets right in the grid. They're available in the app and can be found in the Optimize menu under strategies.

Explore the new Strategy settings panel

Set both spend and efficiency targets for your strategies with Marin’s new Strategy side panel. Easily apply dual parameters such as a spend cap + ROAS minimum. Set the requirements in the system and Marin will make the necessary updates to your daily budgets and bids. It’s live in the system, so check it out today!

Link Reddit and X (fka. Twitter) to Marin

Now you can use Marin to engage with Reddit’s 1 billion monthly active users and X’s 500 million monthly active users. Capitalize on these massive audiences with Marin’s AI-powered optimization and customizable automation. Simply link your X for Business and Reddit for Business accounts to Marin to get started. Your Marin representative can even help you set up a Reddit for Business account if you don’t already have one.

Manage listing groups for Performance Max campaigns

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For the first time, you can create and edit listing groups across all your Microsoft Ad and Google Performance Max campaigns with Marin. Simply upload a bulk sheet to create new listing groups or edit existing ones. Reach out to your Marin team to take advantage of this exciting enhancement to your Microsoft and Google campaigns today!

Launch Amazon TV advertising and Spotlight Ads

Take advantage of Amazon’s large and highly engaged audience with Sponsored TV and Spotlight ads. You can reach targeted audiences across all of Amazon’s video platforms, even if you don’t sell on Amazon. For more information on how to link your Amazon Ads and Amazon TV accounts to Marin today to start unlocking this powerful e-commerce advertising channel, visit our Help Center.

Group by Dimension in the object grids

You can bring the power of Marin's dimensions to any grid to group related rows together. Twist down controls allow you to consolidate related rows and zoom in and out of up to three levels of groupings. In the example above you can see performance by publisher for all the campaigns tagged with the Baseball dimension. Groupable columns are indicated with the icon in the column header and the column chooser. Groupable columns include Publisher, Campaign and Group in addition to the dimension columns.

View more data with wrapping headers

Have you ever wished our column header text wrapped so you could fit more columns in one window? We have, too… so we fixed that. Now the headers will automatically wrap so you don’t lose important text, and more columns can fit in your view without scrolling. 

Manage campaigns across ad platforms with a single API

Integrate all your ecosystems with one API call using Marin’s campaign management API. No need to set up and maintain integrations with each publisher platform. Instead, you can initiate an API call to Marin to make changes across all your accounts, saving you time and effort. Reach out to your Marin representative to get started today.

Join us for our July webinar featuring Forrester!

We’ll provide five actionable tips to tackle the most common challenges facing digital marketers today. Based on Forrester’s latest research, this session will explore how advancements in AI and automation are driving the evolution from performance marketing to precision marketing. We’ll discuss key challenges such as data deprecation and the need for unified customer views – and show how AI-powered solutions can help address these issues. Attendees will gain practical insights into how they can stand out in the rapidly changing landscape by optimizing their marketing strategies to ensure relevance and maximize their ROI.

Sign up for the webinar here.