Your Amazon revenue data just went organic

If you’re selling on Amazon, you know how important it is to keep track of all your sales on the platform. Now you can see both ad-driven and organic sales in Marin. Navigate to the Products sub-tab and add the new Orders (organic) metrics to your grid to view ASIN-level performance. TIP: Cost data is also available for Amazon ASINs and Google / Bing SKUs in the Products tab.

Marin supports more Amazon ad types

If your Amazon account is linked to Marin, you already have access to our latest ad types – Store Spotlight Ads and Sponsored Brand Video Ads. Additionally, data on these new ad types is included in your reporting and is available now through BI Connect. If you aren’t using Marin to maximize your Amazon campaigns and grow brand awareness, reach out to your Marin team to get started today.

Use your Bing Work account in Marin

Have you ever wanted to use your Microsoft Work Account credentials to link your accounts to Marin? Well, now you can! Link your Microsoft Ad accounts to take advantage of consolidated campaign management across Google and Bing.

Troubleshoot your MarinOne Scripts with ChatGPT

You can use templated Scripts to apply Dimensions, auto pause / resume campaigns, and analyze data to measure benchmarks and identify outliers – and now you can leverage the power of ChatGPT to troubleshoot error messages. You can also reach out to our Professional Services team for help with customization to unlock the full power of Marin Scripts.

Expand your Chinese search coverage with Qihoo 360

Advertising in China? Now you can access even more of the search market in Marin with Qihoo’s Search 360. This integration includes both reporting and campaign management – including campaign budget edits, status changes, and manual or rules-based changes to bids. Speak to your Marin team to get started today!

Now you can review and send budget recommendations

Good news for clients using Marin to manage their budgets! ‘Recommended Budget’ values will now be auto-generated for Google campaigns mapped to a Marin Strategy in Preview mode. This means you can preview Marin’s recommendations to optimize your Google campaign budgets, then approve and send them without ever having to leave Marin!