Optimization and reporting for LinkedIn marketing services.


MarinOne Makes LinkedIn Advertising Better

LinkedIn advertising gives businesses access to an audience of nearly 775 million users who share detailed information allowing you to target valuable leads with high accuracy. MarinOne makes LinkedIn advertising even better by helping you understand the impact of LinkedIn campaigns on your business goals. With intelligent analytics and sophisticated bidding solutions, MarinOne saves time and drives more revenue ensuring you get the most from your investment. 


MarinOne’s customizable dashboards and advanced analytical grids give you flexible reporting within and across LinkedIn campaigns. MarinOne integrates with offline and downstream conversion events from your CRM systems as well as BI Tools to give you a complete view of your return on investment. And managing LinkedIn campaigns alongside your search and social advertising allows you to share insights across publishers.  


MarinOne’s comprehensive bidding suite leverages machine learning to help you create your plan, pace performance against the plan, and automatically calculate bids based on ad spend or efficiency targets. Custom bid modifiers dynamically adjust bids in response to contextual data and external signals, and automated account insights identify opportunities in your account and recommend adjustments to enhance performance.  

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