Want better results from your Facebook ads?

Leverage powerful AI to make better decisions and move faster. Go beyond what's possible using Ads Manager alone.

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Better Results. Less Work.

Marin is built to enable busy teams to move at the speed of business by streamlining and automating the optimization of Facebook ads. It saves you and your team from spending your valuable time on manual processes and frees up time for more valuable work.

"The time savings and performance benefits that we see with Marin Social have been key drivers for us to deliver positive growth. Marin’s expertise in the paid social realm allows us to push the boundaries with industry-leading solutions you simply won’t find anywhere else.”

Oscar Romero

Head of Performance Media Performics-Starcom

Find new opportunities for growth 

Marin Insights helps you reduce costs and maximize ROI by automatically detecting potential opportunities and their probable impact – and use Message Booster to identify and automatically amplify popular organic posts. So you can focus on more meaningful work than manual campaign processes.

67% Increase

Le Slip Français saw a 67% increase in conversion volume on Facebook with Marin Search Intent

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Stay on budget with Budget Optimizer

Marin understands the marginal return of each marketing dollar, including the impact on conversion, revenue, and profit. As you increase or decrease your overall budget, we'll show you the impact on efficiency and volume. Budget Optimizer continually monitors your campaign spending and automatically adjusts allocation to keep you on target. Never worry about over or under spending again.

Execute quickly, at scale across Meta accounts 

Launch your campaigns quickly with bulk uploads and automate their optimization with flexible rules that run on Ads, Ad Sets, and Campaigns. Marin rules can use publisher metrics, third-party metrics, or custom calculations to measure success on your terms. 

Flexibly measure online and offline conversions 

Track all conversions, whether online or in real life, with Marin Tracker or any other third-party tracking system. And our flexible attribution models can be weighted to account for how and when your conversions happen. 

87% Increase

Verisure grew their offline conversions by 87% with Marin Social

Make better, data-driven decisions 

Activate Automated Alerts to stay on top of performance changes and quickly respond with Marin’s single, omnichannel interface for measuring, managing, and optimizing all your paid social programs, including Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn.

87% Increase

Verisure grew their offline conversions by 87% with Marin Social

Access third-party audiences

Leverage data from leading vendors at preferred rates directly in Facebook with Expanded Social Audiences.

87% Increase

Verisure grew their offline conversions by 87% with Marin Social

Learn faster from ad studies

Manage ‘always-on’ ad studies for campaigns via our Ad Study tool. Ad Study facilitates A/B tests, four cell tests, and can report your results how you measure them.

87% Increase

Verisure grew their offline conversions by 87% with Marin Social

Improve performance of each Facebook Ad format

With Marin, you can still use all the Facebook ad formats you enjoy – and boost performance with our cross-channel analysis and automated optimization. Integration is smooth and straightforward, making it easier for you to maximize your advertising potential.

Supported ad formats are:

  • Photo/Image Ads
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Stories
  • Explore
  • Feed
  • Reels

87% Increase

Verisure grew their offline conversions by 87% with Marin Social

Marin offers more across management, optimization, and automation

Search Publisher
Social Publishers
Via third-party
Retail Media Publishers
Other Publishers
Performance Max Support
Account configuration
Link unlimited accounts to your ID
Integrates with your data warehouses
and more...
Unified data model for easy analysis
Budget pacing report
Across strategies
Automated conversion data integration
Works with third-party bidding
No-code and script-based Automation
All Publishers
Alerts and promotion of high-performing organic posts
Cross-channel full stack professional support team
Dynamic campaign creation

Don't forget our revenue and first-party integrations! 
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