The Ultimate Facebook Ads Automation Tool

Recognize and maximize business potential by tapping into Facebook's platform beyond what the publisher platform can do alone. Strategically use audience, revenue, and contextual data to set up campaigns that will generate increased returns.

Exponentially Decrease Time Spent on Optimization

MarinOne streamlines the optimization process through its easy-to-use automation rules, which save you and your team precious time on changes that were once manual. Not only can you access Facebook and Instagram metrics, but you can also create custom KPIs to accurately measure the success of your ads. 

Unlock Facebook Ads Manager Opportunities with MarinOne Insights

MarinOne Insights helps you achieve the maximum return on investment while reducing costs. Insights automatically identifies potential opportunities and their probable effect, giving you the ability to focus on what matters most and become more productive with your resources.

Improve Performance of Your Favorite Facebook Ad Types

Our tool seamlessly integrates so you can still use all the Meta Ads Manager formats you love, while getting Marin's cross-channel analysis and automated optimization you need:

  • Image Ads
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Instant Experience
  • Collection
  • Slideshow
  • Playables

Increase the Accuracy of Your Attribution

Our open interface means our expert solutions team can connect your Facebook and Google Advertising conversions with Amazon Attribution for accurate insights into how campaigns are performing across both platforms.

Get Alerted to Changes in Your Facebook Ads Manager Account

Have greater peace of mind knowing that MarinOne's Automated Alerts will look out for you 24/7 and promptly notify you of any unusual activity. Alerts auto-detect large changes in performance so you’ll never need to individually review your campaigns.

Automated Bidding Keeps Your Budget in Line

Marin's Automated Bidding technology leverages the power of machine learning. This advanced tool assists in the development of ad campaign bid tactics, optimizing for all sales objectives while assigning increased priority to the acquisition of new customers.

Put Investment in the Right Place with Holistic Channel Analysis

With our Facebook ads management optimization tool, customizing and analyzing performance of ads across multiple channels is easy. MarinOne's ability to quickly and effectively analyze data is an invaluable asset for businesses looking to maximize their ROI across all channels.