Ultimate Performance and Visibility for Instagram Ads Management

Now is the time to unlock the potential of your business by utilizing Instagram automation. Go beyond what's possible on the publisher platform and use audience, revenue, and contextual data to launch campaigns that will reap more rewards. Maximize your success and take advantage of this powerful tool today.

Improve Performance of Each Instagram Ad Format

With our tool, you can still use all the Instagram Ads Manager formats you enjoy, and also receive Marin's invaluable cross-channel analysis and automated optimization. Integration is smooth and straightforward, making it easier for you to maximize your advertising potential. Supported ad formats are:

  • Photo/Image Ads
  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Stories
  • Explore
  • Feed
  • Reels

Reduce Time Spent on Optimization Tasks

MarinOne is a time-saver for busy teams, as it streamlines and automates the Instagram ads optimization process with simple rules. This saves you and your team from having to manually make lingering changes, freeing up time for more valuable work. 

MarinOne Insights Opens Up New Instagram Ad Opportunities

MarinOne Insights is a great tool to help you maximize ROI while cutting down costs. With the help of automation, it can easily detect potential opportunities and their probable impact so you can shift your focus on essential tasks for more efficiency and productivity.

Keep Budgets on Track with Automated Bidding

Marin's Automated Bidding technology uses machine learning to help advertisers create the right bidding tactics for their campaigns. It can optimize for a variety of sales objectives, with an emphasis on acquiring new customers. This tool saves time and effort, helping businesses make better decisions quickly and efficiently.

You'll Get Immediate Notifications When There are Big Changes to Your Instagram Ads Performance

MarinOne's Automated Alerts ensure you are always aware of the changes in your campaigns, enabling you to take immediate action. It notifies you if any unusual activity takes place and also detects major performance changes automatically, removing the need for manual review.

Utilize Omnichannel Advertising Analysis for Quick Decision Making

MarinOne's Instagram ads automation tool has made it significantly easier to customize and analyze performance of ads on multiple channels. This tool provides quick and reliable data analysis, making it a highly valuable asset for companies striving for greater ROI from all their advertising efforts.