The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Platform

Analyze, automate, and optimize all your LinkedIn campaigns in one centralized interface. Marin goes beyond the capabilities of LinkedIn Campaign Manager with powerful features that improve efficiency and save you time.

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Here’s why some of the world’s biggest brands use Marin for their LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Marin delivers:

  • Connection for multiple LinkedIn accounts
  • Cross-account reporting and campaign management for LinkedIn
  • Algorithmic bidding to improve cost per acquisition and lifetime customer value
  • Budget pacing and forecasting
  • Automated alerts and optimization recommendations with Marin Insights
  • Seamless integration to and from BI Tools (Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc.)

Without Marin, you are missing:

  • Complete revenue tracking
  • Cross-channel visibility
  • Data export required for analysis
  • Ability to optimize your programs based on your external data

Maximize the Return on Your LinkedIn Marketing Investment

Reach your conversion and revenue goals with Marin's AI-driven bidding and budget optimization engine. Our tool automatically helps you identify where your budget should be spent.

65% Increase

Marin Bidding Generated a 65% LinkedIn Conversion Rate Increase for Red Letter Days

  • Account & Campaign-level  Budget Planning
  • Cross-Publisher Budget Forecasting
  • Cross-Publisher Spend Pacing
  • Bid Adjustment Recommendations

Save Time and Increase Accuracy with Rule-Based Automation

Automate all aspects of your advertising workflow with our cross-channel automation software. Our system utilizes rule-based alerts and optimizations for your campaigns, ad groups, ad units, and keywords so you can maximize results.

“MarinOne’s automation features have enabled our small team to perform at a level you would expect from a team with 2 or 3 times as many resources. The ability to use powerful algorithmic optimization but still maintain control via business specific segmentation and rules have made all the difference in our paid search strategy.” 


  • Automated Performance and Optimization Alerts
  • Dynamically Update Keywords
  • Automate Manual Workflows
  • Rule-based Optimizations
Ready to learn more? Request a demo today!
Want to learn more? Request a demo today

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Marin Insights

Automatically identify and implement opportunities to grow revenue, decrease costs, and save time with Marin Insights. Each Insight offers an actionable recommendation that can be automatically applied to your LinkedIn campaigns with just one click.

  • Identify keyword gaps and duplicates
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Bid Adjustment Recommendations
  • Landing Page & Sync Error Alerts

Unify Reporting across Publishers and Channels

Marin collects all your performance marketing data in one place so you can Report, Measure, and Forecast across your entire marketing funnel with Marin's entirely customizable, cross-channel dashboard. Send consolidated data to your BI platform of choice with BI Connect.

78% Increase

Genesys increased bookings by 2x and saw a 78% Increase in ROAS with Marin automation and optimization.

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Close the Loop with Cross-Channel Measurement

Track Online and Offline Conversions across your entire marketing stack with Marin Tracker. Import customer lifetime value and downstream conversion events for improved optimization of your LinkedIn goals.  Automate tagging across your entire marketing portfolio.

Marin offers more across management, optimization, and automation

Search Publisher
Social Publishers
Via third-party
Retail Media Publishers
Other Publishers
Performance Max Support
Account configuration
Link unlimited accounts to your ID
Integrates with your data warehouses
and more...
Unified data model for easy analysis
Budget pacing report
Across strategies
Automated conversion data integration
Works with third-party bidding
No-code and script-based Automation
All Publishers
Alerts and promotion of high-performing organic posts
Cross-channel full stack professional support team
Dynamic campaign creation

Don't forget our revenue and first-party integrations! 
See our complete list here

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