Ultimate Automation Tool for Pinterest Ads

MarinOne can help retail brands to maximize their growth potential and stand out from the competition on Pinterest. It also helps to improve Pinterest Ads Manager performance, while saving you time - making it invaluable to increasing the efficiency of your marketing team.
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Do More Than What Pinterest Campaign Manager Can Achieve Alone

It's essential for Pinterest advertisers to ensure that their paid media campaigns are fully optimized to get the most out of their investment. MarinOne provides a comprehensive Pinterest automation tool for capturing consumer demand, creating algorithmic optimization recommendations, and driving sales. All major ad formats are supported including:

  • Standard Pins
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • App Install

Spend Less Time Optimizing with Automation

With our integrated rule engine, quickly modify bids, budget, and status through in-depth analytics of campaign performance and other external indicators. Our AI-powered Pinterest Ads automation software will improve processes while reducing manual effort from marketers.

Accelerate New Customer Acquisition

Utilizing Automated Rules in tandem with your bidding strategy can make a huge impact on specific customer journey stages, like tracking page views and new-to-brand customers. These Rules help optimize the journey and provide targeted results.

Unlimited Data Retention Means Your Reporting Options are Limitless

Maximize your marketing efforts with MarinOne's tailored cross-channel dashboard that allows for a full view of your sales funnel. Year-over-year and Quarter-over-quarter analysis are simplified, as well as the ability to store an infinite amount of data. 

Create Pinterest Campaigns en Masse

MarinOne makes it easier to quickly launch campaigns in Pinterest and other retail media networks with its bulk upload capabilities. Plus, you also get the advantage of inline editing and error checking for an accurate and streamlined experience with all your publisher campaigns.

Automated Bidding Increases Efficiency of Your Investment

Outpace your competitors in terms of visibility with Marin's Automated Bidding tools, which are powered by artificial intelligence and can be put to use for Pinterest bid strategies. Not only does this allow you to bid for all sales, but it also helps you identify and assign more value to new customer sales.