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Ultimate Performance and Visibility for TikTok Ads Management

We make TikTok advertising easier with automation, customization, and easy cross-channel analysis…so you can see exactly how your TikTok ads stack up against other channels you may be running. Identify growth opportunities and maximize revenue beyond what TikTok's platform can do alone.

Automate TikTok Ads Optimization

Automate your optimization efforts with flexible rules that run on ads, ad sets, and campaigns. MarinOne rules can use TikTok metrics, third party metrics, or custom calculations for KPIs (ex. Calls + GA events + TikTok form fills).

Unlock Growth Opportunities with MarinOne Insights

MarinOne Insights is here to help you enhance revenue and minimize costs. It uses automated processes to identify new opportunities and estimate their impact so that you can prioritize your efforts to make the most efficient use of your resources.

Automatic Pivot Tables

Roll-up data on multiple levels across accounts and publishers with MarinOne Dimensions. Save time by eliminating manual spreadsheet calculations.

Stay Informed on Changes to Your Accounts

Sleep well at night knowing that our Automated Alerts will notify you of any unusual activity in your accounts. MarinOne can automatically highlight large changes in performance so you don’t have to manually review your campaigns.

Improve Performance with Automated Bidding

Keep one step ahead of competitors with intraday bidding. Marin’s Automated Bidding technology, driven by machine learning, works with ad campaign bid tactics. Bid toward All Sales, while also assigning extra worth for Sales from new Customers.

Maximize the Return on Your Marketing Investment

You can easily predict how many conversions and how much revenue you'll be making through different levels of investment across publishers and objectives. Automate pacing strategies to make sure you reach the targets you set for each campaign and account.

Your Data, Where You Need it

MarinOne offers an intuitive, completely customizable, cross-channel dashboard to track analytics from your entire marketing funnel. With BI Connect, leverage consolidated data from all sources into a single platform.