Marin vs Skai

Marin stands out when it comes to automation, optimization, and customization. Our AI-powered solutions adapt to your business and our dedicated support team works with you directly — not through a reseller.
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Marin offers more than Skai across management, optimization, and automation

Cross-publisher campaign management
Bulk uploads
In-app bulk sheet templates
Cross-account bulk creation / management for Meta
Scheduled actions
Copy/paste tool
Find and replace tool
URL Builder
Analytics grid
Automated Alerts
3rd party data integrations
Structured Budget Allocation
Keyword expansion tool
Advanced bidding algorithms
Full visibility into bid calculations
Smartbidding management
Structured Budget Allocation
Sync revenue data to publishers
AI-Powered Recommendations
Dynamic campaign creation
Customizable scripts powered by ChatGPT
Customized integration / onboarding plans
24/7 support
Managed Services option
Bespoke cookieless tracking solution
Incrementality testing

Don't forget our revenue and first-party integrations! 
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Switch to Marin for superior AI bid optimization

Marin has been helping clients with automated bidding for over 10 years. Our industry leading AI manages bids across Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Meta, Apple Search Ads, Criteo, and more — increasing conversions without raising your budget.

Free bidding test

Currently use Skai for bidding? We’re so confident in our algorithms, we’ll organize a head-to-head test for you.

Marketing automation that adapts to your business

Automate both shared and individual workflows across your team, giving you more time to focus on intelligence and lanstrategy.

Create custom automations with Marin Scripts and Python to streamline reporting, automate workflows, and build advanced optimizations that boost performance and save time. 

Don’t know how to code? No problem. Our ChatGPT integration will write the code for you.

  • Adjust bids based on inventory levels
  • Restructure campaigns as performance changes
  • Reallocate budget to high performing campaigns
  • Automatically tag objects for easy reporting

Marin offers unparalleled transparency and support

With Skai, it’s not always clear what features are included in your plan. But at Marin, transparency is one of our core values. See exactly what you're getting on our pricing page.

And no marketing program is too complex for our team or technology to handle. Our team of Customer Engagement Managers, Solutions Architects, and Engineers take a customer-first approach. And with our Managed Services team, you can hire us for short- or long-term projects to help with resource constraints.

  • Transparent pricing model
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Vast library of help articles
  • Client-first development strategy