Ultimate Automation Tool for Target Retail Media

MarinOne is an incredible advertising tool which provides you with complete control over your retail media campaigns across several platforms. With this tool, you can comprehend, automate and enhance your Target advertising, maximizing performance and saving you time.
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Go Beyond Publisher Capabilities with Target Product Ads

To stay ahead of the competition in online retail, you need a well thought out strategy which includes implementing all major ad types. Taking this extra step can give your Target media campaigns an advantage in the market. Placements include:

  • Search pages
  • Category / browse pages
  • Product detail pages

Campaign goal types include:

  • Awareness and consideration
  • Drive conversion

Utilize MarinOne Insights to Unlock New Opportunities for Growth

MarinOne Insights equips marketers with valuable data-driven insights and analytics that uncover new prospects for growth. MarinOne makes it easy for marketers to find new campaigns and trends that could improve Target product ads performance and increase conversions.

Maximize Your ROI on Target Advertising by Spending Smartly

Budget Optimizer is an effective tool to help you reach your profits and turnover goals regardless of budget size. Not only does it enable you to oversee and manage multiple campaigns and accounts at once, but it also offers optimization of expenditure for maximum results. 

Get Time-Consuming Tasks Off Your Plate with Automation

With our Target advertising automation software, all manual, tedious tasks involved in campaign management are eliminated. MarinOne is equipped with rule-based alerts and AI-based algorithmic optimizations so that you can get the best possible results from your marketing efforts.

Understand Your Customers' Journeys with Cross-Channel Measurement

Marin Tracker makes it simple to measure the success of digital campaigns, enabling users to track conversions and adjust as needed. To save time and maximize marketing reach, a deeper understanding of your customer's journey can help you avoid tedious data-cleaning tasks.

Improve Campaign Results with Automated Bidding

Marin's Automated Bidding tools provide an edge over rivals by allowing companies to easily automate their intraday bidding process with the help of machine learning. It's a great way to achieve your campaign goals and attract new customers, and it can be easily integrated with bid strategies from Target.