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Convert Your Highest Value Audiences Across the Web

The Marin advertising cloud activates your first party marketing cloud data to help you identify and convert precise, active, and profitable audiences across the digital advertising landscape. Leveraging your CRM, email and analytical data, Marin automates your Search, Social and Display advertising across publishers and devices.

Marin’s open, flexible platform seamlessly links and deduplicates your CRM, audience, revenue and contextual data from any source, allowing you to better understand your online and offline performance, optimize your online campaigns, and convert higher value customers.

By simplifying integrations from multiple first and third party sources into a single platform, Marin saves you valuable time. Marin’s single view of your data and performance helps advertisers gain security over your marketing cloud data and eliminate the need for disparate point solutions.

Your Success is Our Success

More Customers Choose Marin

  • Automation with visibility and control

    Software should enable marketers to apply their expertise, not attempt to automate it. Marin’s predictive bidding algorithm and intelligent recommendations provide powerful automation while preserving control for the marketer. With complete visibility into performance, marketers can optimize to the unique economics of their business.

  • Open technology platform

    With Marin Software you don’t have to reengineer your business. Marin works seamlessly with your tracking, analytics, data, and eCommerce systems, allowing you to continue leveraging existing infrastructure. Our intuitive interface, coupled with contextual help and video training, helps make adoption easy and ensures user success.

  • Day-in-the-life workflow

    Creating efficiencies for online marketers requires a workflow that eliminates the manual efforts of spreadsheets. Marin’s Analytics-to-Action interface provides a natural workflow, allowing users to analyze Search, Social and Display data and take action from within a single screen. With Marin, marketers can spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time managing results.

  • Massive presence, massive scale

    As the largest performance advertising solution on the market, Marin knows how to operate with big data. To service hundreds of global advertisers and manage billions in spend, Marin has coverage around the planet and has built a world-class infrastructure to ensure that advertisers experience minimal downtime. Leveraging our global team of engineers and our patented bidding algorithm, advertisers can act on their massive data sets and accurately attribute value across their acquisition funnel.

  • Proven results

    Every Marin customer is guaranteed to have at least one thing in common: being performance driven. Our customers succeed by consistently delivering results and Marin enables them to hit their goals time and again. With more documented case studies of financial lift than our competitors combined, the results speak for themselves.

  • Service by experts

    Marin’s unique service model has made the company a trusted partner for clients worldwide. Our client service professionals possess a minimum of two years of experience managing large-scale online advertising programs, enabling them to provide best practice advice that goes beyond basic support.

Welcome to the Advertising Cloud

The revenue driver of the marketing cloud

Convert Your Highest Value Audiences Across the Web

Marin’s advertising cloud further refines your audiences by capturing and layering consumer intent, demographic and behavioral buying signals with your proprietary marketing cloud data. Fusing your first party marketing data with audience buying signals helps you create powerfully profitable audience segments by pinpointing intent and identifying those prospects that have the highest probability to convert.

Marin helps you define an audience once, and then synchronously create and target that audience with Search (via RLSA), Social (via Custom Audiences) and Display ads. This unique audience building capability enables you to target your most profitable audience segments, with relevant creative, across any channel or device, at the right time in the buyer’s journey.

Marin’s advertising cloud capitalizes on your most important data, your marketing cloud data. Combining your first party data with online buying signals saves you time and dramatically increases the ROI from your online advertising.

Transform Complexity into Opportunity

Marin Software provides the leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud for targeting your highest value audiences with Search, Social and Display ads. Driven by data and informed by attribution, Marin helps simplify your advertising workflow while dramatically increasing ad performance. Many of the world’s biggest brands rely on the Marin Software platform to manage more than $7.8 billion of annualized advertising spend.

Marin helps advertisers like you to:

  • Manage the increasing complexity of digital advertising by giving you a single dashboard and simple control panel to manage your Search, Social and Display campaigns
  • Combine all your cross-channel data to gain a complete path to conversion view for your most valuable audiences
  • Target your highest value audiences across Search, Social and Display
  • Modify your bidding strategies in one channel based on interactions in other channels
  • Uncover more revenue from your online and offline data by providing an open platform and data partner ecosystem
  • Automatically generate product inventory driven campaigns and bid to revenue goals
  • Optimize for more revenue through multi-channel attribution, predictive bidding tools and financial forecasting

The Marin platform is designed to meet the unique workflow, analytics, and optimization needs of the world’s most demanding online advertisers. Our technology, scale, and expertise have resulted in exceptional results for many of the world’s largest brands.

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