Marin Software helps online marketers engage with mobile customers as they interact with brands, consume media and make purchase decisions.

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We live in a world that is getting more connected by the minute. The rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets is changing how consumers interact with brands, consume media and make purchase decisions. Advertisers who understand the broad implications of this trend and adapt their marketing strategies will ultimately win the battle for the consumer’s hearts, minds and wallets.


Cross-Publisher Management and Visibility

Easily update creative for location-specific promotions

Consumers can now check product reviews and compare prices online, while they’re looking at a product in a physical store or just blocks away. Using Marin, online marketers are able to easily update their messages according to location-specific promotions, improving ad relevance and delivering better results.


Cross-Publisher Management and Visibility

Intelligently Optimize Different Mobile Ad Types

With smart mobile devices becoming increasingly ubiquitous, advertisers must adapt online marketing strategies to reflect how people search, buy and share. Since that behavior can vary significantly across desktops, smartphones and tablets, Marin enables marketers to manage campaigns intelligently by specific ad types, including: Click-to-Call, Maps, App Installs, etc.


Track results by location or channel

As boundaries between online and offline commerce fade, marketers need more reliable attribution models and better visibility. Marin enables marketers to report on and optimize for performance by location or channel, whether conversions take place on the web, in the call center or offline in the store.

Cross-Publisher Management and Visibility