MarinOne adapts to your business, not the other way around

Custom conversion types

Track the revenue that matters to your business with unlimited conversion types to track stages of the customer journey and different transactions.

Conversion Type Setup

Flexible account structure

Organize your publisher accounts to match your needs, whether you are a global brand with multiple lines, an agency serving many brands or anywhere in between.

All Clients Campaigns Performance Report
Campaign Reporting & Filtering

Define your own metrics

Custom columns let you use your own metrics to match how your business operates.

Understand shifts in performance with change columns and comparison charts.

Secure your account

Flexible access roles and rules allow you to give your users access to only the data and accounts they need.

Automatic pivot tables

Roll-up data on multiple levels across accounts and publishers with MarinOne Dimensions.

Dimensions Reporting

Custom signals

Accelerate performance by linking your campaigns with external signals using Dynamic Actions. Automate your campaigns to respond to external signals by changing bids, budgets, status, and more.

Dynamic Actions for the Campaigns

Custom Workflows

MarinOne has built in scripting to extend an already powerful platform. The limit is your imagination.

MarinOne Software Features