Marin’s Connect Technology Delivers Cutting-Edge Marketing Solutions

Many of the world’s biggest brands rely on Marin Software to manage billions of dollars in annualized advertising spend. Engineered as an open platform from the start, our advertisers and agencies can pull in revenue, audience, and contextual data from the world’s leading marketing and advertising technologies.

From identifying and growing your audiences, to accelerating mobile audience onboarding, to easily aligning and tracking your cross-channel advertising efforts, our partnerships connect the dots between your online marketing investments and downstream business impact.

What's Behind Connect Technology?

Optimize bidding across channels for lifetime value by easily consuming online and offline revenue data

  • Revenue Connect: Save time, improve targeting, and maintain your data integrity

    • Seamlessly consume data from any source
    • See deep into your purchase funnels
    • Connect offline sales to online advertising
    • Optimize to customer lifetime value across publishers and channels
    • Reap the benefits of an open, flexible platform
  • Channel Connect: Bid better, budget smarter across channels and publishers

    • Pinpoint new cross-channel opportunities
    • Get a single source of performance visibility across multiple channels, publishers, and ad networks
    • Take advantage of improved attribution and optimized bidding
    • Make smarter, faster, cross-channel investment decisions
    • Grow your high-ROI publisher accounts at scale
  • Audience Connect: Identify, understand, and expand your audiences

    • Gain critical insight into audience behaviors
    • Combine your valuable cross-channel 1st party data with targeted 3rd party data
    • Leverage your existing data gold mine to build highly valuable audience segments
    • Easily build an integrated online campaign
    • Retarget high-value audiences across any device with search, social, and display ads
  • Context Connect: Sync Online Ads with TV and External Events

    • The only platform that handles seemingly “uncontrollable” external factors
    • Analyze the effects of weather, sports, finance, and health on digital performance
    • Extend the reach and effectiveness of your TV campaigns across multiple screens
    • Pre-set supporting digital campaigns to launch before, during, or after TV ads and programs
    • Set bidding rules based on TV ad ratings data to influence the Marin bidding algorithm

Technology Partners

Marin Connect partners allow you to combine the world’s best data and technology solutions with Marin, resulting in improved visibility and control over your revenue outcomes. After a detailed evaluation, testing, and rollout process, our partners allow us to provide customers with seamless integrations built exclusively for the bottom line.

Media Partners

Marin partners with the world’s leading search, display, social, and mobile networks, enabling clients to seamlessly manage campaigns across media outlets from a unified interface. As the largest 3rd party platform for managing biddable media, Marin works closely with our media partners to provide the advertiser’s perspective and help foster innovation.